just in time for the holidays is a little group
participation fun. ever have a really BAD
myth-related pun pop-into your head? well, don't
keep them to yourself, share them with your

I've started off with a handful of holiday
themed ones (song titles), but be creative - use
expressions, movie titles, foods, whatever
springs to mind - I didn't do too many because I
wanted to see what everyone ELSE came up with...

the web page can be viewed at

To add your own puns,

1) point your browser to http://www.blogger.com

2) log on as username : mythpuns
             password : mythpuns

3) Click on the "Myth Puns" link (over on the right)

4) Once you have done that just type your own
puns into the white box and click on the "Post"
button (mid-upper right).

[note: The "Post and Publish" button won't work
because you don't have ftp access to my web pages]

Once a day or so I will publish the new additions.

If you are brave, add your name at the bottom of
your posts so you can get credit, if you don't
want the recognition never fear - since everyone
is using the same username/password no one will
know who you are!

Have fun and be creative,


ps. in case you are wondering who the other
people this is being sent to are that you don't
recognize it is people I know with similar senses
of humor who I have played myth with.