4-Team Meshes:
Dwarves 1/3
bre'Unor 4/8
Warriors 6/8
Ghasts 8/12
Journeymen 0/2
Bowmen 4/6
Ghols 4/6

Heron Guard Hero 1/1
Berserks 4/8
Ghasts 16/24
Dwarf Heroes 3/6
Soulless 4/8
Brigands 14/20
Spiders 4/8

Dwarves 2/4
Wights 2/3
Ghasts 10/16
Soulless 4/6
Thrall 20/30

Trow 1/1
Warlocks 1/3
Heron Guards 4/8
Soulless 4/6
Mauls 14/24
Bowmen 4/6
Spiders 4/8

2-Team Meshes
Journeymen 1/3
Bowmen 12/24
Ghols 8/18
Dwarves 4/9
bre'Unor 10/18
Warriors 18/27
Ghasts 30/45

Heron Guard Hero 1/3
Berserks 18/27
Brigands 30/45
Dwarf Heroes 6/12
Fetch 4/8
Soulless 12/24
Spiders 12/24

Journeymen 2/4
Stygian Knights 18/30
Ghols 12/18
Dwarf Heroes 4/8
Myrkridia 12/18
Bowmen 12/24
Thrall 30/45

Mauls 14/24
Heron Guards 6/12
Ghols 12/24
Dwarf Mortars 4/8
Soulless 16/24
Brigands 30/45
Ghasts 18/30
(1 Trow on Heroic)
(2 Trow on Legend)

A Grave Reason To Swim
‘In the northern-most parts of the Ermine, on the border to the Deep Mire, desperate battles are being fought. The tepid jungles are home to predators of all sizes, both natural and most un-natural. It is said the dead walk these parts of the woods, and with the slow rise and fall of the borderlands' waters new bodies to breathe life into float ashore by the day. The dark masters contesting this swamplike delta gather their sinister forces for one final battle. Once and for all it will be decided who shall hold dominion over the marshes, who will have the power to master these dark woods. And in the middle of this brutal contest lies that old cemetary, waiting, seemingly forgotten.’

Game Types:
  • Body Count

  • Steal the Bacon

  • Last Man on the Hill

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Flag Rally

  • Capture the Flag

  • Balls On Parade

  • Territories

  • Captures

  • King of the Hill

  • Stampede!

  • Assassination

A Grave Reason To Swim is a multiplayer map set in a swamp-like jungle, with deep rivers dividing the delta, enabling some really messy ambushes. The map features eight different meshes, four of which are 4-team meshes and another four which were made for 2-team battle. All game types but Hunting is enabled.

The Assassin and Stampede! targets are Changelings, and the overall unit choices range from Light to Shadow and Dark and an Undead riot sort of map.

There were plenty of people who helped in getting this map done, just as with my first attempt with the Chalk Hills.
Big thanks to the friendly people at uDogs hotline as well as my mates in the Onyx Warlords for all the technical advisory and of course thanks to Clem for his colormapping walkthrough, Soma and Clem for textures, all of Creation, Badlands, Vista for lots of inspiring work.
A huge thanks to Apollo, Shaister, Ska, Dantski and Paris and many more for encouragement and unit trade advice.
Oh, and this time around, a huge thanks to Blades and the crew at playmth, the people at ProjectMagma and everyone else who has helped this game stay alive years past it's prime!

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Ar (peter.norlen(at) 2007