A Myth II Total Conversion By Rohan MoR
version 1.0 public release.

Welcome to the World of Leggo My Myth

A conversion beyond the ordinary. At least if you are one of the less serious members of the b.net community. This is a coversion for everyone who enjoys a good laugh as well as a good game. The name? Leggo My Myth. Leggo is a Myth II Total Conversion with some new twists. There are 8 new characters, all new scenery and a new map. So what is this weird thing anyway? Leggo is not a waffle conversion (although thats not a bad idea); it's more like what would happen if Lego and Bungie were to spawn a new gaming experience. The goal of Leggo from day one was to be not so serious, but yet keep a high playability. While Leggo is based on many Myth characters, there are some new units as well. These are the Cavalry, Airship, Dragon and the Duck. Those units add a new dimension to the overall game play, which gives Leggo a unique feel in battle. Leggo is a whole new experience, and a fun one may I add.

Information about the map

There are 2 versions of the map; Leggo My Team (a 2 team map) and Leggo My FFA (a 4 start map). They are based around the same mesh, but the unit selection is different. Another variation is that you can get wizards and cavalry on Leggo My FFA if you set the difficulty to Legendary. This in my mind turns it into a 4 team map. If you have 8 guys this is really a hoot. But if you don't have enough people to form 4 teams, then I wouldn't recommend playing on Legendary setting. Unless you are very good at multi-tasking =)
Leggo My Team is the same on all difficulties -you get all units.

The Units

Main Attack: Sword Swing.
Main Attack: Sword Swing.
Special Attack: Spinning hind leg kick. This kick is time consuming but very effective if you want to take out 1 unit quick, -then run like mad.
Notes: The cavalry have increased health and only other cavalry and explosions make them flinch.

Main attack: Small bomb, play this like a dwarf on a pole.
Special Attack: Bomb Drop, you get 1 Big Bomb to drop on the enemies you sneak up on. This is a major weapon, and can take out a large group in 1 shot.
Anti-blimp attack: To fend off other blimps your airship has air to air missiles. These are not heat seeking, and can be dodged if you know they're coming at you. Notice I said "can" and not "easily". (Note: to fire the missiles click on the enemy blimp, you cannot attack a spot in the air)
Notes: If you at the end of a battle only have your blimp and your opponent only has his melee, you're looking real good. Unless it's terries or another game that makes you cover land.
Special Note: Airships DO NOT SHOW ON THE OVERHEAD. This means that you have to watch out for them! They can sneak up on you. On the upside however, this means you can sneak up on them.

Main Attack: Lightning
Special Attack: Magic Missile. The magic missile is based on the WW2 rpg. It is Mana based and takes about 4 min to recharge. Unlike the WW2 rpg, you aim at about 60% of the distance (WW2 is 40%). It also can go a loooong way.
Notes: Special thanks to Santa's Head #CP# for explaining to me how the RPG worked, and for giving me permission to use his settings (what a guy!).

Main Attack: Fire Bite
Notes: Dragons move very fast and can out maneuver any unit. If they attack in tight packs then they can take out any lone soul unlucky enough to wander their way.

Main Attack: Crossbow arrow
Special Attack: Fire arrow
Melee Attack: Kung Fu. This is activated by double-clicking on a nearby unit.

Main Attack: A hypnotic stare that lures an opponent into a false sense of security.
Notes: These little monsters will stop at nothing until their sinister ultimate goal is reached. Beware the man who crosses these agents of chaos, for his will be a doomed and perilous existence. At key points throughout this planet's history the trained observer may catch a glimpse of these creatures in the shadows watching... waiting...

Main Attack: You guessed it, a cannon ball. This attack does not lead units, so you'll have to do that yourself. It also goes a pretty good distance.
Notes: The cannon dominates any game it is in. Therefore it is only used in 1 game type; assassin, and it's the target too. Have fun with it.

Special Thanks To...

I would like to thank all of MoR for beta testing this thing for the last 5 months. Special thanks to Gandalf for all his help and for making the best order on b.net. Special thanks also to our good buddy Trinity of Myther.Com who put in many, many hours reassuring me that this might actually work.

Thanks to Vodi for making Amber *cheers*. Thanks to Santa's Head for the settings and making WW2. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions in the Vista forum. And thanks to my mentor and good buddy Collard Green who is missed on b.net.

Copyright ©

Copyright 1999 John Whitney (Rohan MoR). All units, scenery, and sounds should not be used without permission of Rohan MoR or The Men of Rohan. This plugin was made using Bungie's Fear and Loathing. Many thanks go out to Bungie for providing these amazing editors to the Myth Community. This plugin was also made using the awe inspiringly powerful Amber.

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