Leggo II: Manual
By Rohan. Edited and htmlized by Trin.

Step 1: Don't Panic

Step 2: Unstuff the file

Step 3: Take just the file named "Leggo II Arena" and place that file in the plugins
folder inside of your myth II folder.

Step 4: Start Myth II, and hit Multiplayer in the main screen, choose host a game.

Step 5: You should be able to choose Leggo in the available multiplayer maps. Leggo is for multiplayer games only.

Leggo II's units can be overwhelming the first couple of times you use them. To make Leggo an enjoyable experience for as many as possible I have created several maps with varying unit setups.

Leggo II (FFA)
This is the map I thought of when making Leggo II. It pits all of the units against each other on a 4 Man FFA (Free For All). The map is designed to be played by 4-8 players. 2-man teams are recommended, since it gives you more time to micromanage the units -something Leggo II's projectile play relies on. For reasons of sanity the rover is only available in the assassin version.

Leggo II (Team)
A map that has it all. All the units, trading and no restrictions on the Rover unit. Fun to play, hard to master. It should be played by large teams, preferably 3 or more per team, as there are lots of units to look after.

Leggo II (Alt FFA)
The Alternate maps (Alt) have predetermined games with no trading, to highlight different unit combinations. The combinations used are:
2 Saiyans and 1 Bishop for lmoth - bacon - captures - koth
4 Mechs for BC - FR - terries - CTF
3 Rovers for stampede - assassin

Leggo II (Alt Team)
2 team version of Alt FFA with larger number of units to really make things interesting.
8 Saiyans and 4 Bishops for lmoth - bacon - captures - koth),
8 Mechs for BC - FR - terries - CTF
8 Rovers for stampede - assassin

Leggo II's units are all projectile based, meaning no melee battles. Many of the taunts I had planned for the units had to be taken out, since there's no time to do a little jig when a Mech is bearing down on you. So I hope we can all get by without seeing the Bishop doing the mexican hat dance.

Main Attack: Energy shot
Notes: Flying unit that moves fast and scouts well. The hover is not meant to go toe-to-toe with anything other than other hovers. Use them to find your enemy, tag flags or to pick off a Bishop that has lost its way.
Main Attack: Laser based on mana.
Special Attack: Can focus all his energy into one large attack [Kahmehameha].
Notes: All attacks from the Saiyan are mana based, so if you start shooting a lot, you won't have enough to perform a [Kahmehameha].
Main Attack: Glue shot that will stop a unit in his tracks for a short period of time.
Special Attack: Heals other units
Double-click: Throws his cigarette on the ground, causing a fire to start.
Notes: Both heals and glue attacks use the same ammo. More glue packets can be picked up however.
Main Attack: Machine gun
Special Attack: Energy cannon
Double-click: Stomp. Remember that you need to be close to a unit to stomp him.
Main Attack: Missile
Notes: The Rover is based on the Wizard from Leggo I. Aim 60% of the distance to hit what your aiming at (and take into account if you have to click on a hill or hit a unit on a hill).
JarJar Binks
Hunting unit ('nuff said).

The glue barrel, shoot it and more glue packs for your Bishop come out.

The fuel barrel, shoot this and watch the units close to it get blown off the map.

The plastic barrel, shoot this and watch as nothing happens.

DoubleDamge is a Myth II artifact that gives the holder 3 shots of their strongest attacks at 2X the normal damage. This is available for most games on Legendary difficulty (not on assassin, hunting and stampede). Only Mechs may use or pick up this object with the exception of the Alt maps where there are no Mechs in the gameplay. On those maps the Saiyans may use it.

The DoubleDamage will start in the middle, and will be transparent. At a random time during the game it will be activated and by that possible to pick up (though some games may end before it becomes activated). Having this item will greatly affect your chance of winning a game. However you may also die just trying to get it, and when you factor in the random occurrence of its activation it adds quite a bit to the overall game.