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Leggo III: Solo Tagset (by Synapsed and Rohan)

Leggo III: Solo Tagset Pregame 

General Information

Leggo III: Solo Tagset replaces all normal Myth II units on single player and multiplayer maps. This plugin is designed from a single player standpoint, it will have rewritten Mission Objectives and Hints to make it more Leggoey.


To play Leggo III: Solo Tagset, simply put the L3ST plugin (found along with this readme after you decompressed the L3ST .zip file) into your Myth II Plugins Folder. Then run myth and host a game on either (or via TCP/IP or Appletalk) and click the plugins tab and activate it. The Leggo units should then replace the regular Myth II units for Bungie's original co-op and multiplayer levels.

History Behind L3ST

Syn got the idea for this plugin shortly after he came back to Myth II from a seven month hiatus. Leggo II: Arena and some of Creation's new co-op levels were motivating factors in his return to Bungie Net . Syn really enjoyed the first map, Leggo My Myth and when he found out there was a sequel he just had to play it. After playing this plugin numerous times with some of his Alliance ordermates, Syn started thinking how cool these units would be on the single player levels and normal Bungie™ maps that came with Myth II: Soulblighter™, and he began work on a tagset which would allow just this kind of play.


L3ST Logo
Rohan can be credited with all of the original unit creation and artwork. He is the maker of the Leggo I and Leggo II plugins. He also created the plugin images (shown on this page).

Synapsed came up with the idea to make L3ST and suggested the project to Rohan. Syn spent hours upon hours of work in Bungie's Fear™ modifing tags to enhance the new plugin's playability, unit balance, and to make it fun.

Additional new unit flavors and level hints written by Synapsed and Xap.

Leggo 1 Sound effects by Gandalf, Leggo II sound effects by Monte and ViperX. Leggo voices: Capn'Toast, Gandalf, HD, MacManus, Bishop and Kryton.

Beta testing and smart-ass commentary by many of the Alliance crew, including Xap, Glaurung, Budgie, Gigan, Smoke, Supergrass, Zeb, and Mortur.

HTML design, including the L3ST Readme, by Xap.


Leggo III: Solo Tagset replaces all normal Myth II units on single player and multiplayer maps. Listed below are the new Leggo units. Many of them will be familiar to fans of Rohan's first and second Leggo plugins. In addition, Leggo III: Solo Tagset cheerily introduces several new units for your plastic-popping pleasure.

All the units listed below are in alphabetical order and have short descriptions on their primary attacks, secondary attacks(if applicable) and special attacks(if applicable).

Bishop HealerThe Bishop (Healer) gets 9 Glue Footballs. His primary attack is a glue shot which uses a glue football to stun an enemy. His secondary is a close double click attack that uses his cigar to start a fire. His special attack is his heal, using the glue footballs to repair his busted-up plastic buddies. Unfortunately, every time he attacks an enemy he'll have one less glueball with which to repair his friends.

CanonThe Cannon, familiar to many since Leggo I, is one of the most fearsome pieces of plastic on the field. Its primary attack is a big, exploding shell. The Cannon's special attack is a long-range Duck Bomb, not as powerful as the primary attack but somewhat more humorous.

CavalryThe charge of the Cavalry can spell doom or salvation. When you see them, hope they're on your side or be prepared to lay down some of Santa's little presents. If the Deceiver happens to be on hand, cavalry are the perfect target for turning. A Cavalry unit's primary attack is a swing of its sword. The special attack is a rear kick from its trusty plastic steed.

CrossbowmanThe Crossbowman—the big, plastic archers of Leggoland. Their quick little bolts are their primary attack. They have a limited number of special attacks: small flaming darts perfect for melting their enemies. They have a nasty kung-fu kick which they can use as a double-click secondary attack for close range. And don't miss their cheer—a battle hymn famous throught Leggoland.

DragonDragons come in many shapes and sizes. Well, actually in Leggoland they come in several funbright colors and only two sizes. Dragons have a primary fire breath attack. They can fly over water and hills. The larger Great Dragons are bigger and meaner, but they can't go over steep hills like their smaller cousins.

DuckDucks. These adorable, fun-loving critters are but toys for the bigger toys. They won't hurt you unless you see them flying out of the business end of a Cannon—in which case don't be fooled by their cute and fuzzy demeanor. Anything plastic can kill at that velocity. Ducks also serve as stampede and hunting units.

Dwarf SantaThe Leggoland Dwarf, a.k.a. "Santa"—amusing but formidable. For his primary attack, he throws a plastic bomb which blows up plastic objects especially well. As an extra special attack, Santa drops little plastic presents for all the boys and girls and then BLOWS 'EM UP! And if the troops need a morale boost, nothing beats Santa's cheerful victory dance.

FootmanThe Footmen are your standard infantry in Leggoland. They hit stuff with cute, little, plastic swords. They have no secondary or special attacks. Put them in large groups and try to encourage them into formations while preventing them from clustering together to chat their cute, little, plastic gossip.

HoverEverybody loves the Leggoland Hover. That is, until they're getting run down by one. The hover isn't a sturdy machine, being plastic and all, but it fires a deadly energy pellet and it has great accuracy. It has only one attack. But it can fly, so cut it some slack. You probably won't see this unit a whole lot.

Jar JarJar Jar. You know him. You love him not. You want this thing to die in Star Wars: Episode 1 but he refuses to, so now you can watch him die over and over again in Myth! No matter what he says and no matter how friendly he tries to seem, Jar Jar is a menace. Try killing him from as distance as this Gungan packs a punch when he goes down. In some cases, you may need him, as in Stampede games or when he's a key peasant. However, a "good" Jar Jar is hard to tell from the bad.

MechThe Mech is the biggest gob of plastic in Leggoland. The Mech's primary attack versus giant units is the minigun on his arm, while his primary versus other units is a big stomp. He has no secondary. His special attack is the Mech Energy Cannon on his other arm which does explosive and electrical damage. And when you do manage to bring one of these down, remember to stand back.

PaladinThe Paladin may look suspiciously like ordinary Cavalry, but he's special. His primary attack is still his sword. His special attack is much like the Bishop's as he can repair damaged units. For this, he can carry glue footballs. He's also great for distracting enemy Cavalry until Deceiver can get to them on Shiver, where you will get to play with two Paladin Heroes.

SaiyanThe Saiyan's primary attack is his lightsabre, which he uses to slice through everything in his path. His special attack is his Kahmehameha blast which damages multiple units within its radius. Just be careful not to stand in front of him when he starts charging up, because his special attack is irrevocable.

SoullessThe Leggoland Soulless. Boy do these guys love anarchy (note the groovy designs on their shirts). Some say they're made of recycled plastic. Nevertheless, their javelins hurt just the same. Their primary attack is their javelin and they have a secondary attack for close-range: a double click stab attack. The Soulless of Leggoland just happen to make excellent Magic Missle target practice on Shiver for Tim the super Wizard.

ThrallLeggo Thrall, with their trusty plastic axes, are slow and make very easy targets for your Santas, but when they're in a large group they can mop through melee like Mr. Clean. Unlike most Leggo units, the Thrall don't float, so they can cross rivers and ponds by walking underwater.

Wizard of LightningThe Wizard of Leggoland, also known as... Tim? Tim's primary attack is a small, potent fireball. He also has, as a special attack, a very large, devastating fireball. The special attack is fired by clicking somewhere directly in between Tim and his target, about 60% of where you want to hit. Tim's attacks are all mana based, although he usually gets a limited number of specials. On Shiver, the Wizard Hero Tim gets unlimited special attacks—a perfect chance to learn how to aim the things.

WizardTim's cousin, The Wizard Of Lightning. The Wizard of Lightning, unlike the normal Wizard, spent his time learning about electricity instead of Fire and therefore his primary and only attack is his lightning bolt. That can really cause some problems for your Mechs, so try and steer clear until these guys can be taken out by long-range attacks.

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear™ by: Chad Careswell ( All units and artwork by Rohan of MoR (