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Somewhere in the Heavens is a new total conversion for Myth II: Soulblighter. It's based on the Marathon Trilogy; Bungie's other hit series. We've put lots of time and effort into this, so we hope you like it.

Anyway, SitH has many features that you will grow to love (hopefully). It is made up of a Tagset, which you have downloaded, and multiple Mapsets.

How SitH works is based on the Tagset. When you open a multi-player game, and activate the Tagset, it takes over. When it's active, all of Bungie's Myth units will be replaced with SitH ones. For example, BoBs will replace Warriors, and S'pht'Kr will replace Heron Guards.

These changes will effect all games. If you play a co-op game, all the units will be SitH units. Same for Bungie's netmaps. It will even effect 3rd Party maps, made millions of years after your reading this! Basically, unless the level uses totally new units, and not any of Bungie's units, the level will be changed.

The units of SitH are vast and varied. From Elite Pfhor Shockstaffers, to Flick'ta, to TOZT Backpack Napalm Unit Marines, all are different. If you were a Marathon player, you will find that the units made for SitH are very detailed. We tried to make them exactly like the ones from the Marathon Trilogy. We haven't even sacrificed exactness for power. If something ruled the level in Marathon, It rules the level in SitH. Its cost would be high though, so we think we balanced it out.

The gameplay in SitH is unlike Myth, entirely. Like WWII, all units are new, and the game is more gun oriented. Though not perfectly balanced, you will find that the units have their weaknesses, and their strengths. For example, Defense Drones have a machine gun and a grenade launcher, so can inflict heavy damage in groups. But they also have a high cost, and will explode when killed with an explosion. If they were grouped together, which would be normal, since they are mainly good in groups, it would kill them all.

The netmaps made for SitH are released in Mapsets. Mapset 1 will be released Soon™. More Mapsets will be released as they are finished. Mapset 1 includes 2 maps, 'Somewhere in the Murk, They are Lurking', and 'SitH Pool Party'. Murk is a very dark swamp level. It uses only 4 units, the Devlin, SPNKR Marine, SPNKR Marine, and Mothrid. It's a surprisingly good map, stemming from the fact that it's designed to be scary. (In case you didn't know, Devlins are from Marathon: EVIL, and are creepy, dexterous, and lanky. Oh, and did I mention that they have 6-foot long claws? :).) SitH Pool Party is just that, a wacky Pool Party, using SitH units. It has SPNKR Marines, Cyborgs, Pfhor Fighters, Simulacrums, 4 different types of wildlife, and lots of explosions :)

Guns play a huge role in SitH. There are all kinds of different weapons, such as the Magnums, Shotguns, Pfhor Shockstaffs, TOZT Napalm Flame-thrower, SPNKR SSM Launcher, and KKV-7 SMG. Some weapons have 2 attacks, such as the MA-75, which has a built in Grenade launcher, or the Zeus Class Fusion pistol, which you can charge to fire a high powered bolt. Melee units are few and far between, but they will make or break your game.

The future of SitH is wide open. We plan on releasing new Mapsets and occasional new Tagsets for months to come. If you want to make a map that uses the SitH Tagset, go right ahead. Just make sure you give us proper credit, and title the map 'SitH: <Your Mapname Here>'. That's all we ask. We will most likely place links to the greatest 3rd Party levels, as they are created, in the Files section.



To install SitH, simply place the tagset into your plugins folder. Then when you create a game, click on the plugins button, and make SitH Tagset active. Thats it. Now all units form Myth will be replaced with SitH units. Have fun! Also note that levels may seem to take longer to load for some users, but this won't be very noticeable.



Here is a brief description of each and every unit in SitH. The heart of the Tagset is the units, so the main thing you'll need to learn about to have fun with SitH, is what each unit does, and how they should be controled.

Assimilated BoB

 The Assimilated BoB is a machine designed to look and act like a civilian BoB. It contains a large explosive, and can be detonated on command. Treat him like a fast-moving wight.




BoB's are Civilian BoB's that have taken up arms, namely the Magnums, in the fight against the Pfhor. Treat them like Archers.



Civilian BoB

 These are Born on Boards. They were born during the Marathon's voyage to Tau Ceti. They have no attack, and generally are good at running around screraming. Think of them as Villagers.




 Cyborgs are tank like creatures. Most of their bodies are actually machine, grafted to spare body parts. They come in a variety of flavors, from ones that shoot bouncing grenades, to ones that use a flamethrower. Be careful to spread them out, as they have a fairly strong explosion when they die, as their circuitry overloads and fuses. These could be controled somewhat like dwarfs, but their bouncing grenade isn't as powerful, but will go long distances if set to bounce all the way.



Marathon Automated Defence Drone

These are hovering machines used to defend the Marathon from internal invaders. It carries a machine gun, with a grenade launcher. They can be powerful in groups, especially with their grenades, but when they are killed by an explosion, their grenades will explode too, so be careful not to keep them too close to each other, or they will go up like a chain of wights. They are like nothing in Myth.




These creatures are the only ones not from the original Marathon series. They are from Marathon: EVIL, a 3rd party ecenario for Marathon Infinity. EVIL was one of, if not the, most popular scenario of all time, and we loved (to be frightened out of our minds by) the Devlin. If you thought the Myrkridian Giant was a dark unit, wait til you see this guy. He is a creature of the darkness, blending well into it. He has blinding speed, but no long range attack. He doesn't really need one. He's faster than you, so can always catch you, and has a pair of 6-foot long claws. It can tear up an enemy unit in under a second. But be careful. They are weak to bullets, and if they get hit enough, they won't care who's side they're on. Think of them as sped up Myrkidia.




These drones are Pfhor make, and are very weak. They hover, and shoot bolts of energy at their targets. Treat them like Souless.



Pfhor Fighter

The Pfhor are the main enemy in the Marathon Trilogy. These are them in their normal armor, weilding shockstaffs. The Projectile Fighters' Shockstaff can shoot it's bolts, so treat the Projectile ones like archers, and the others like Thrall or Warriors.




Grendels are cute little grey creatures, also native to L'howon. Treat them as chickens; they are about as smart. The Grendal Uprisde of 2718 was the shortest lived organized slave revolt of all time. It took the Grendel 'Army' only 18 minutes to forget what they were doing and go back to aimless wandering. :)




 Hulks, or Drinnol, are slaves of the Pfhor. They are large creatures, and almost all muscle. Think of them as Forest Giants or Trow. They are quite slower though, But you don't want to get hit by a Hulk slap at all




Hunters are heavily armored Pfhor. They are immune to flame, and shoot an energy weapon from their sholders. They can take quite a beating, and can dish it out as well. Treat them like Stygian Knights, except with a long range weapon.




 Juggernaughts are heavy assault mobiles. Automated, and floating in the air, they can attack from far away with 2 weapons. Their main guns are fire-based circular rings. They also have a 2ndary weapon of missiles. They are fast moving missiles, but arn't amazingly damaging. Use them like Myrkridian Giants.




Lookers are artificially engineered insectoid creatures, made by the Pfhor. They scuttle across the ground fairly quickly, and then explode, covering everythign with sticky goo. They don't do alot of damage, but the goo paralizes targets for a good ammount of time. Treat them like wights, or perhaps pus carrying ghols.



Marathon 1 Enforcer

 Over the time between Marathon 1 and Marathon 2, the Pfhor Enforcers evolved quite a bit. The Marathon 1 Enforcers fire an Unknown Weapon which has a large ammount of error, but only horizontally. This makes them good for mowing down large groups of enemies with their machinegun like firing. Nothing from Myth can be compared to them.



Marathon 2 Enforecers

The Marathon 2 Enforcers weild a weapon like that of the Juggernaut. It fires a ringlike Fireball, and fairly quickly at that. Treat them like fetches, perhaps.




 The Magnum Marines carry a pair of Magnum Mega Class A1 pistols. Treat then like archers.


 The Fusion Marines carry Zeus Class Fusion Pistols. They fire a small but painful bolt normally, but can be charged to fire a large explosive bolt. They also can be treated like Archers


 The MA-75B Marines carry the MA-75B Battle Rifle with Integral Grenade Launcher. They are a fast, but not floating, version of the Marathon Automated Defence Drone.


 The Shotgun Marines carry a pair of WSTE-M Combat Shotguns. The shotguns have a specialized reloading mechanism, too complicated for human minds. It allows the marines to reload one handed, and in one swift motion. These marines do little damage at long range, but up close, they can do as much damage as a Hulk slap. Don't get near one. They can't be used like anythign from Myth with any efficiancy.


 The SMG Marines fire a Sub Machine Gun. It amazingly fires 2 shot bursts, in a continuous stream. It can mow down a line of Pfhor in seconds, and it's very accurate. Use them like Archer Heroes.


The TOZT Marines weild a TOZT Backpack Napalm Unit. Use them like fetch to burn down enemies in their tracks.


 The SPNKR Marines fire SPNKR X-18 Surface to Surface Missles. These babies pack a punch, so don't get too close to their missles. Use them like Dwarfs and you'll be fine.


 The Alien Weapon Marines have picked up one of the Marathon 2 Enforcers weapons, and can shoot them. They are faster though, so it's better to have one of these. Treat them just like the Marathon 2 Enforcers.


 There are also some Marines that are unnarmed. They can still punch quite hard though. These would be used in future levels where they would be prisoners. Use them just like Thrall for example.





Mothrids are another type of wildlife from L'howon. They are floating octopi like creatures, that are translucent Tobaz blue. They also have 18 slimey tentacles. Treat them like squirrles.




The S'pht are another slave race of the Pfhor. They are cybernetic organisms, only the size of a human brain. With their cybernetics grafted on them, they wear a large cloak. They can open their cloak and fire a large energy bolt. Use them like floating Warlocks.




These are S'phts from the 'Kr clan. They are the only non-slavery clan left of the 11 S'pht clans. Because of this, they come in heavy battle armor, and can fire sets of 3 hard, sharp energy bolts. Swarms of these can kill very fast. Treat these like Archer Heroes, that float.




Ticks are also Native wildlife from L'howon. They are flying animals, with wings, and can soar over the carnage. They come in several varieties, such as Lava Ticks, which are immune to fire. They also have a goo-filled explosive variety. Treat them like hawks, but be wary of them in netgames, as they could be coming to explode over you.




Troopers are Pfhor in light battle gear. They carry a weapon almost exactly like the MA-75B. Treat them accordingly.




VacBoB's are simply Fusion carrying BoB's, in Vacuum suits. Treat them like Fusion Marines.



Potato Anus

 The Potato Anus is a form of wildlife from L'howon, the S'pht homeworld. They are blue and red blobs that float around. Think of them as deer.


SitH was created by Åstro the Space Duck (Chadd Nervig). The SitH group was founded by Åstro and Pfhor. You may contact Åstro at Thrall, our Man in the Online Asbestos Suit, can be contacted at

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Chadd Nervig,


We hope you like SitH. Special Thnax goto El Bastard, for help and insight, as well as a few of his tags I was too lazy to do at the last minute. Thnax for letting us use your most evil creation, the Devlin, Frigidman. Also thnax to Pestis, for his help with the Flavor Texts. Thnax to ig98 for his help with the begining the units. Special Thnax to Troll for doing the Marine collections, and Thnax to NecromanX for recreating the rest of the unit collections, except for the Devlin, thnax to TychoMax for that. Special Thnax to Thrall, my very best friend in the whole world, and probably my psycologist as well (everyone who knows me can tell you that if I payed for all the psycology I need, I'd be bankrupted after a few minutes:) ) I'd also like to thank all my testers, especially #CP#. You guys were great and I couldn't have done it without all of you. I know there are many people I'm forgetting. I'm really sorry that I have forgotten, but it's been under work since December. E-mail me, and I'd love to hear from you, and I'll make a thnax to you to in the next version, ASAP.