Mon 4 Sept 2000

 What is it?

Weirdomons is a plugin which, when activated, replaces Myth II's normal units with units we at Midnight Resistance (MiR) have created. Weirdomons can be played on any map that utilises Myth II's normal units, of course including all of Bungie's maps.


Unit Descriptions

Baron Puppeteer

Shoots running copies of himself as his primary and standing copies as secondary attack.


On soft death it dies like the wights did of old and warrior bombs now. On hard death it is like a mobile mega-nuke.

Beserk (Hero): Beserk Cleric (Hero)

same fast, strong beserk fighter. special ability is a self heal.

Bowman (Dark, Hero, flameless): Chicken Archer

Shoots chickens as primary attack and flaming chickens as secondary (except for the flameless archer). Normal bowmen (that is, not dark, hero or flameless) can also pick up the dead bodies of wildlife, the functioning of which is described under that monster.

bre'Unor Boomeranger

Has a special ability for special attack that shoots high speed, high powered bones that curve in their flight and might hit you in the back if you're unlucky...

Brigand Aerobics Instructor

Runs real fast and has no attack (Discounting a harrassment attack that makes him run back and forth around the target).

Chicken (net, stampede): Chicken

Provides ammo for the Chicken Archers' flaming chickens. Also has a primary melee attack. Very amusing. (Chicken riot, anyone? :)


Same as usual. Their dead bodies can be picked up and used to great effect by archers. (You have played A long awaited drinking party yet, haven't you?)

Dwarf: Dwarven Diver

Can walk through all depths of water. Runs faster than normal. Cannot throw grenades when submerged, as grenades are still "on fire" and will go out in water. Drops a single detpack which explodes after one minute if not detonated by fire or explosives beforehand.

Dwarf Hero: Heroically Drunk Dwarven Diver

Moves like he did before, and carries 5 detpacks that explode on contact with the ground for special ability (in other words, don't touch the special ability key!). The more kills he racks up, the more erratically he throws. Names are of Australian politicians and prominent corporate businessmen.

Dwarf Mortar (Hero): Dwarven Suicide Launcher

Launches dwarves that trail satchel charges (so that's why the dwarves have detpacks now! These guys stole them all!) That explode violently on impact.

Dwarf Pathfinder: Mad Dwarven Shot-Put Champion

Shoots lower powered artillery shells as primary and detpacks as secondary.

Fetch: Feminist

Shoots lightning that often creates a chain to wipe out all units in the same clump. Takes forever to recharge, but it's worth it. =)

Ghast Goop-Guy

Shoots pus packets with amazing inaccuracy. Now more dangerous than ever (due to sheer luck).

Ginsu Ghol Artillery Specialist

Has a more powerful cleaver swing. More importantly, when they die they leave behind a number of artillery signal grenades, bringing down a barrage of artillery shells and death.


Upon death it spirals to the ground for a spectacular show (luckily it's completely harmless). The body can then be used as ammo for bowmen, summoning a dwarven artillery grenade to fall where it landed. If it explodes it goes up like the bat and the Mobile Mega-Nuke.

Heron Guard (Hero): Heron Guard Assassin (Hero)

Basic standing sequence is dead body. Invisible on the overhead map. Carries a gas grenade adapted from dud dwarven grenades.

Journeyman: Cleric

Primary and secondary attacks are a standard fatman heal of unlimited number. Useless in a fight unless it's a 1 on 1...

Mahir Pickle Barrel of Death

Looks like a pickle barrel. Everything else about it is pretty much like a mahir.

Mandrake Plant

Provides mandrake roots, which used to be the ammo for healers. Although they still provide the ammo, it is now redundant. They also have a self defence. Be careful when you walk too close to them...

Maul Tenderiser

Has 3 attacks. The first is more powerful than their original, and has a miss rate of 85% and cannot be used against giant class monsters. The second is enough to kill a Trow in one hit and can only be used against giants (including the mighty midgets :) and has a miss rate of 10%. The third attack is its secondary attack and repulses prejectiles. Very useful against dwarves of all sorts...

Myrkridia (all small sorts)

Has a more random range of health (from 6.5 down to 4). moves and attacks as normal. The secondary attack sends a squirrel into the air above its target where is blasts into a heap of explosive acorns (or heads? Whatever).

Myrkridia (all large sorts): Myrkridian Farmer

Moves and attacks as normal. Secondary attack is very interesting acorns that disappear into the ground and burst up again into the air and shoot lightning at whatever's nearby.

Peasant (all sorts): Flaming Idiot

Moves as usual only his head is on fire. Has an attack that sets other units on fire as long as he concentrates. Their bodies can be picked up and used by archers to set the ground on fire and can be used repeatedly.


Their bodies can be used as ammo for archers. if the body doesn't break apart it will set the ground on fire. otherwise it will break into the body parts and will hold or hurt the targets somewhat.


About the same only his secondary attack either turns a unit to stone or holds it for a while.

Inter-Continental Ballistic Soulless

Has a huge range to hurl itself bodily towards and beyond (supposedly by a multiplier of 1.3) its target. At shorter ranges it will move and electrically shock its target.

Spider Speeder

Will accelerate up to warp speed (they go faster than the visiblilty of myth can follow...) and generally annoy other people's units. they leave a contrail, which is most interesting... They can pick up small projectiles and drop them. They're probably the most efficient hit and run units ever.


Has a trow punch attack if you double-click on the target. Also when you kill it it has a death curse that lingers for a long time in the general area. When a bowman is finally able to pick the body up, they can throw it to the same effect as originally killing the thing.

Stygian Lightning Conductor

Summons very slow moving lightning to gradually fry the target.

Target Dummy

Moves quickly and has a warrior sword swing. At last! Sweet sweet revenge! Muahahaha!

Thrall Jogger

Moves faster and is weaker than your traditional thrall. Go figure.

Trow: Mighty Midget

A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very small Trow. Additional attacks are the all new TRO HUG, which does double the damage of a tro kick, and a throwing ability like Ghols, only they throw a teeny weeny bit faster.

Weird Warlock

They shoot very slow, very long ranged fireballs as their primary attack. The fireballs, at their maximum range, will explode with gas, fire and artillery signal grenades, but at minimum range will explode like old fireballs. Their secondary attack is the ability to summon up to two very bouncy trees, which will kill a lot of things that stand nearby.

Weird Warlock Hero

Same as normal warlock, only mana recharges faster and he's more skilled at summoning trees.

Warrior: Warrior Bomb

Weaker than normal, and explode when they die with the power of normal wights.

Wight: Mobile Mega-Nuke

Blows up mightily. Enough said.


Has a special ability healing that affects most, if not all nearby units. Their dead bodies can be picked up by archers to create the same basic effect.

Additional stuff

Cannonballs create a vacuum effect that sucks projectiles towards the centre rather than blowing it away. Very cool.

2000 Midnight Resistance

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