Worlds Collide
v.1.0  by Cydonian


Elements of Worlds Collide using original Bungie Myth2 tags are copyright 1998 by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created for Myth2 with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Cydonian (cydonian@fcmail.com)

All original graphic and sound elements not owned by Bungie are copyright 1999 by Cydonian (Bill Erickson).


After playing the "WW2:Recon" plug-in by Santa's Head of #Clan Plaid#, I was excited to realize how much the Myth2 game engine could be used in entirely new ways, bringing new units and weapons to the game and creating completely new worlds for Myth2 fun.  I thank Santa's Head for the inspiration and ingenuity (I didn't use any of his tags, but I examined some of them).  In attempting to create my own science-fiction world for Myth2, I focused on not making it just "WW2 with laser guns", but more Myth-like - with a variety of units with different abilities and personalities.  "Worlds Collide" is the most ambitious project I've done thus far for Myth2.  Thanks to the good people of the editing forums at Clanplaid Townhall and Vista for the wealth of information they've supplied for all of us.  Thanks also to Vodi, without whose insanely fabulous program Amber2, very little of this would have been possible.



 The "Worlds Collide" plug-in must be placed in your Myth2 plug-ins folder. It does not require activation, as it is an "all-in-one" package, and is not split into a map and a unit tagset at this point. There are 2 mesh variants: a Free-For-All map with six starting locations, and a two-start team map with a larger number of units. Difficulty level does not change anything. All Myth2 game types are supported on both mesh variants.

Shocktroopers (the armored humanoids) are armed with laser rifles, and are also able to use grenades. They are deadly as long as the enemy is kept at a distance, but are nearly useless in a melee.  Think of them as your bowmen. Shreen (the insectoid race) begin the game with one grenade.  They can pick up and throw grenades and other small objects when they find them.  Shreen are quick and have a strong slash/bite melee attack.  Think of them as your berserks or Myrkridia.
Psy'rins (the blue-skinned female aliens) possess superior mental powers akin to telekinesis.  The ability to affect matter with their minds allows them to damage or heal units from a distance, as long as they have the strength (their powers are mana-based).  They have no other attack.  Psy'rins are powerful units as long as they're protected.  They will die quickly on their own or in the open.  Still, their accelerated minds give them quite the superiority complex.  Think of Psy'rins as a warlock and journeyman combined. Sentry Droids (the barrel-chested robots) were designed for guard duty, but have been enlisted in the war effort due to short supply of live troops in this sector.  Their pole-arm weapon emits a strong electrical charge up to a short distance.  They are slow and dimwitted, but can stand a lot of punishment.  Think of them as your Stygian Knights.
Drone Bombs (the round hovering units) are exactly like a robotic wight.  Like wights, they are easy to destroy, and often do not reach their target.  Use them to scout (they're quicker than wights), or to attack a distracted enemy.  To reflect their 'stealth programming', Drone Bombs cannot be auto-targeted.  They are visible on the overhead map, but your shocktroopers won't shoot at an enemy Drone Bomb until you order them to.  Be careful out there. Laser Turrets (large mounted guns) do not move.  They are available only in Capture the Flag games, where you have a 'home base' to defend.  The gun has 360-degree rotation, but might have some problems targeting different elevations.  When fully charged (mana) they fire five laserbolts quickly, but then can only fire 1 blast at a time while recharging.  They provide a bit of extra defensive power, but don't rely on them completely.

Lizards are...well, lizards.  They are used as ambient life, stampede units, and hunting targets.


Terrain: nearly all of the map is passable by all units.  There are a few obstacles, and these are usually obvious.

Scenery:  you will easily identify the netgame flags and balls.  The only other significant new scenery are the crates lying around on the map.  You can use these for cover from enemy shocktroopers, but don't sit behind them too long.  The contents may not be entirely stable.
Concussion Grenades:  several stockpiles of grenades are scattered around the map.  Only Shreen and Shocktroopers can use them.  The "crashed-scoutship-in-a-crater":  serves no purpose other than to add a little flavor to the map.  And random ambient sounds.


Use of the tags for all original "Worlds Collide" elements is restricted on a "by permission only" basis.  Certain guidelines will apply.  No use of these units or their weapons in combination with normal Myth2 units will be sanctioned ("Luk how ezy lazerz kill Tro!" - umm, no).   Approved use of "Worlds Collide" units will be limited to *unedited* units in their original state.  Any plug-in or other public release using these original units or tags must be tested and approved by Cydonian before permission will be granted.   Only modifications *for personal use only* do not require approval.  Thank you for your cooperation.  I hope you enjoy playing "Worlds Collide".

- Cydonian

9:00 AM 6/24/99