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UGR/MiniUGR Anywhere are now part of the Anywhere Multiplayer Pak available from OoH Downloads or The Tain.

You should always use the latest version of UGR Anywhere, including on top of the Leagues from Somewhere UGR Maps - unless of course you want to play Old School UGR there.

NOTE: UGR Anywhere (like all the Anywhere plugins) requires Project Magma's Myth II Patch 1.6 to play.

In the tradition of Ghôl Riot maps, especially those from Myopia and Mudpit Mega Mix, I bring you Über Ghôl Riot!

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • At the start of every UGR game, Goodies (the stuff the Ghôls use as ammo) are randomly scattered around the entire map! Watch 'em drop from the sky after a few seconds and magically transform into things to throw! This bit of magic means you will never, ever play two games of UGR that start the same. You'll never learn by heart where everything is. It's sweet! This was the very first challenge I decided had to be a part of the game from Day One - and it works.

  • The Goodies have been painstakingly balanced and were carefully play-tested over dozens of games to create the best possible gaming experience. On top of that, there is an extreme level of detail in the behavior of all Goodies (some quite subtle) with often funny results, making the experience as entertaining as it is challenging and exciting.

  • There is a LOT of strategy in UGR - it still surprises us all the time! There is no single combination of items that will guarantee victory. Just when you think you've got a game nailed, something wild (and often hilarious) happens.

  • Remember: EVERYTHING DUDS at times - even Shield Spheres and Healing Melons.


EXCEPT... you might want to read the following first just in case your friends have beaten you to it:

Goodies for Attacking



Packed full of who-knows-what kind of explosives, these are grim and deadly with a tendency to bounce and behave a bit like... well... a Dorf head full of explosives. If one duds at your feet, pick it up and toss it back at your enemy.

* Bounce can
extend range

* Bouncy


This is one briny treat! Toss these smokin' cukes at your enemies with relish. (Apologies to Jungle Pickle)

* Large Explosion
* Never Bounces

* Duds crumble
(i.e. cannot come
back to life)


Hit an enemy with one of these babies and watch as they turn to stone before your very eyes. Stoned units can be healed with melons to bring them back to the living.

Pumpkins are somewhat magical and tend to float further than other Goodies, but their radius-of-effect is very narrow - you must hit your target dead on to be effective. Best used in one-on-one attacks when your enemy isn't paying attention.

If you miss, Stone Pumpkins crumble into powder. If they dud, they crumble into large chunks and make no turn-to-stone sound. You'll know the difference as soon as you see it.

NOTE: Due to an odd quirk of the Myth Engine, hunting units that are turned to stone often start moving again! Obscure but true...

* Longer Range

* Must be a direct
hit to be effective


Think of these as the Mortar Rounds that didn't pass the most stringent Dorf Quality Assurance tests. The damage they dish out is more variable (a 100% healthy Ghôl can sometimes survive a direct hit). Pure duds crumble like charcoal...

* Bounce can
extend range

* Bouncy
* More Duds


Ah... a Ghôl's Best Friend! ;)

Update: UGR Anywhere now makes the orange pus generated by Piñata Wights into an even better pus weapon: Potent Pus




Fling these puppies at your enemy - they can travel further than other UGR Goodies but occasionally go out mid-flight (pffft)...

***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to toss a Fire Arrow***

* Longer Range
* Use to ignite
other Goodies

* Damage is low
unless direct hit


Best used by targeting them on the ground, but in UGR these are much lighter and can be tossed about the same distance as everything else. Use them in combination with explosive Goodies.

* Toss into a
group of Ghôls
to add damage



Can be used as a last-ditch-effort when thrown.


* Very Low

Goodies for Defending/Healing



Pick one up and suddenly you're tougher to blow up! Unless, of course, you picked up a Dud Shield Sphere (you won't know until you are hit with explosive damage and it doesn't shield you).

You can still be turned to stone, pussed, and hacked to bits though - so don't get too cocky. Also, since you are carrying the Shield Sphere, you can't toss anything else at the enemy.

The Spheres themselves cannot be destroyed and are very light to toss. Yes, you can toss one to a comrade in need.

***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to Discard Shield Spheres***

* Can survive
lots of damage

* Can Discard
anytime you want

* Can only hack
at the enemy
when carrying


Update: UGR Anywhere now makes using Healing Melons much easier to use: click yourself, a comrade, or the ground!

Healing Watermelons "Group Heal" (as in Myopia) so huddle your wounded guys together and share the sweet taste of watermelon!

You can also use them to heal wights (or enemies you feel guilty about hurting). Occasionally they dud into a pile of large watermelon chunks, often right when you need them most...

TIP: Heal Stoned Units with Melons to bring them back to life!

***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to toss a Healing Melon***

* Can heal entire
groups of units

* Longer Range



Extremely rare Goodie (about 1 in 1000) I threw in just for fun. Every now and then you'll find one of these on the field. I've reworked them to behave like a real beachball (unlike the original). Toss one at your enemy and confuse the heck out of them!



Über Ghôl Riot - The Basics

The above pic is a snapshot of the Team UGR map on Leagues from Somewhere. Notice there are piles of Goodies near the team starts and then additional goodies scattered all over the field. As in all UGR games, the Goodies are randomly generated each and every game. This means each game of UGR will be entirely different.

Gather you Goodies, organize your Ghôls and SPREAD OUT!! ;)

Most of the UGR Goodies can dud and many of them can "come back to life" after dudding and/or bouncing. Just a little bit of UGR wackiness to keep life more interesting. So if a dud lands at your feet and you are unarmed, it might be a really good idea to pick it up and chuck it back at your enemy.

Ghôls will drop most Goodies they are carrying when killed, with the exception of Healing Melons and Stone Pumpkins. Thus you can suicide a lethal-item-carrying Ghôl amidst a group of attackers by dying at their hands. Unless, of course, your Goodie duds.

Be careful when tossing something at Dorf Heads or Mortar Rounds sitting on the ground - they can go flying before they explode! Of course, this is yet another aspect of UGR you can use strategically to your advantage. In fact, there's an über-funky™ move I discovered while play-testing that I have yet to see anyone else use along these lines. It's sweet when it works!

In addition to the Ghôl description changing to include a hint as to what you are carrying - e.g. "Ghôl w/Mortar" - I also made it so that you can see a little picture of the item you are carrying in your Status Bar (including Ghôl blades).

LOTS of additional fine-tuning has been done to the UGR Ghôls to make for the best possible combat experience, including: the ability to toss uphill just as well as downhill (this was surprisingly unbalanced in the standard game), no height advantage to shooting from hills, and tons of other Patch 1.5+ settings (in fact, you must play UGR with Patch 1.5+ and UGR Anywhere requires Patch 1.6+). The % proportion of the various Goodies is carefully balanced, but there will still be games where you'll encounter more of one item and few of another - this is all part of the "roll of the dice" that makes UGR so dang fun!

Piñata Wights

Piñata Wights are the UGR Ambient Life and appear in UGR Anywhere as player-controlled units that look and act EXACTLY like the ambient ones! Nothing else is brave (or stupid) enough to hang around with Uber Ghôls. They differ from the standard Wight in many ways, being a strange orangish color and moving faster over all kinds of terrain. Don't underestimate them.

When the ambient Piñata Wights are killed, one of the following happens (NOTE: the player units always explode):

1: [40% chance] Turns into SEVEN random Goodies! Woo hoo!

2: [40% chance] Blows up like a regular Wight - stand back!
3: [20% chance] Dud. Pfffft... in a cloud of bluish smoke.

Thus you can use them as a potential weapon - which may backfire and give out Goodies - or dud. Or you may decide you want to try and generate some (or better) Goodies and risk the potential explosion and loss of ammo to attack them. Like a lot of things in UGR: use them to your advantage!

Update: UGR Anywhere now makes the orange pus generated by Piñata Wights into a better weapon: Potent Pus - heal your own Piñata Wights and get three of these babies, or sneak your Piñata Wights into enemy territory and blast away!

Bungie's Long Lost Swineherd Unit

I've created a modified version of Bungie's long lost Swineherd Unit as a skittish hunting unit and - heh, this is really fun - as an axe-wielding Stampede unit on the UGR and Dorf Riot maps on Leagues from Somewhere!

The axe attack was hidden within the unit and is quite nasty, making for some extremely interesting stampede games - you can hack Ghôls to bits if you can get close enough!

The Swineherd's "Soft Death" (dying without being blown up) appeared to be incomplete (and looked quite odd to me), so I fixed it. It looks much better now. In fact, I've tweaked a lot of little things to make this unit "complete" including a list of appropriate names, a few missing tags, and re-wiring their celebration sequence to allow for a taunt that is hilarious - and slightly rude!

I've also created a plugin version of the tweaked SwineHerd unit that is now available on the OoH Downloads page! It replaces standard (and some non-standard) stampede/hunting units on most maps. Play it "anywhere!"

I highly recommend playing the Swineherd Hunting game on the UGR maps solo as a way of learning how to play UGR:

Download Leagues from Somewhere, UGR Anywhere, and Swineherd Stampede! from the OoH Downloads page now!

Let me know how you like Über Ghôl Riot! in the OoH Forums

GG's!! :D



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Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy "Uber Ghol Riot!" as much as we do! :)

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