More downloads can be found on the Battle Plan - our dynamic Map Standard

                     OoH Unit Conversion Plugins                     

3478 Downloads  ·  102.4 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1772 Downloads, 1 Review, ¤¤¤¤)

Anywhere Multiplayer Pak ~ v1.15

2008-04-17  [^]

The Anywhere series lets you play the following Myth conversions on hundreds of multiplayer maps including Vista's Fetcball and Badlands' Dorfball maps:

A huge amount of effort has gone into making these the best playing tagsets possible - polishing up (and in some cases extensively reworking) gameplay, fixing bugs, converting 700 units and 80 projectiles for each plugin, adding Easter Eggs, and incorporating features from Project Magma's Myth II Patch 1.6 to give you the best possible Myth gaming experience. Game On!

Full details in the included Anywhere Multi Pak ReadMe
(Note that Jinn Anywhere is zipped separately (below))

3446 Downloads  ·  69.5 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1952 Downloads, 1 Review, ¤¤¤¤¤)

Anywhere Solo Pak ~ v0.2

2008-04-19  [^]

By request I've created five sets of plugins which allow you to play some of Myth's best conversions in solo games "vs Myth" (against standard Myth II units) and "vs Same" (against converted units).

Often you will have overwhelming superiority, which has the advantage of excellent stress relief (heh) and an opportunity to challenge yourself in other ways. For example, how fast can you play a given level? But beware: you can easily shoot yourself in the foot with superior firepower and suddenly discover you are being overwhelmed! These are also EXCELLENT for practice using units from these various conversions. When playing against converted units you will almost always be outnumbered - sometimes hopelessly - but on those games I've given your units extra sk33lz and/or ammo to help you survive. Good luck!

You can also play these on Project Magma's excellent The Fallen Levels (TFL Solos), with some exceptions (see the readme). Enjoy!

See the Multiplayer versions of all five plugins (above)

3041 Downloads  ·  49 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Jinn Anywhere ~ v1.15

2008-04-17  [^]

  • Jinn by Vista Mapmaking Cartel

Jinn Anywhere is packaged separately from the Anywhere Multiplayer Pak due to its size. See the included readme for details on how to use this plugin, and the original Jinn Manual for more on this intriguing conversion.

2988 Downloads  ·  7.7 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Rocket Dorf Fest (RDF) ~ v5.1

2005-12-02  [^]

The ultimate Rocket Dorf conversion, RDF brings hilarious and highly strategic Rocket Dorf gameplay to tons of multiplayer maps as well as Solo vs Myth and Solo vs Evil Rocket Dorf variants.

Watch for an RDF Update someday(tm)!

See the Official RDF Manual for complete instructions

2730 Downloads  ·  4k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1441 Downloads)

Flare Dorfs ~ v2.1

2004-11-01  [^]

Flare Dorfs replaces all standard Dwarves, Archers and bre'Unor with the Original Balin unit recreated by El Bastard for Myth II from Bustle In Your Hedge-row.

I tweaked the unit to make it play on windy maps and it now replaces 85 custom Dwarf/Archer/Missile units on third-party maps.

2053 Downloads  ·  4.5 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1561 Downloads, 2 Reviews, ¤¤¤¤¤)


2005-12-02  [^]

The Trebuchet is an intensely fun very-long-range unit created by Soma and extracted (with permission) from his excellent Grilling Grounds (Siege) map. I've modified it with great care to make it even more fun and allow for it to be played just about everywhere. We've racked up over 420 games with this baby and can tell you they make for some awesome team games!

Capture the Flag on Lichen, Mockingbird, If I had a Trow, Grilling Grounds with Trebs in place of Dorfs and/or other units is wicked! Try 'em with Leggo Airships too!

See the included readme for complete instructions on using Trebs and how to substitute for multiple unit types

1952 Downloads  ·  5.1 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1597 Downloads)

Leggo Airships ~ w/ Duck Bombs

2005-12-02  [^]

The Airship from Rohan's insanely excellent Leggo My Myth map is such a cool unit that I decided we just had to have it as a standalone plugin - and luckily with Patch 1.5+ we can.

While I was at it I decided to create a plethora of variations on the original (and highly underused) Leggo wind-up duck. After TONS of tweakage you can now enjoy various ambient mini-wind-up ducks (for deer, frogs, pigs), a GIANT wind-up-duck for Assassin games (substituting for the Baron), and the dreaded Duck Bomb - a hilarious alternative to the Wight (just remember he can be healed normally) - all with accurately scaled body parts and sounds.

We've played over 130 games with Airships and they're not only fun but tricky to master. PLUS I tweaked them so they can be combined seamlessly with Trebuchets and my new "Leggo Anywhere" plugin (from the Anywhere Multi Pak).

See the included readme for complete instructions on using Airships and how to substitute for multiple unit types

2050 Downloads  ·  25k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Baron von Target Dummy ~ v0.9

2008-02-17  [^]

A simple unit substitution plugin that turns Barons into Target Dummies, making it easy to play Raid on the Plains style Assassin games all over the place.

These are interesting because they end up playing like Capture the Flag yet differently (because you move on to the next target after taking one). Very fun.

I also added some appropriate names for the dummies.

2061 Downloads  ·  12k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

I Wish I Had More ~ v0.9.1

2004-11-09  [^]

"I Wish I Had More _____" plugins give you more of the units your little heart desires. On multiplayer maps they convert ALL normal units to the unit(set) named in the plugin (e.g. "IwihmArchers" aka "I wish I had more Archers", converts ALL normal player units into archers):

IwihmArchers - Converts all player units into Archers

IwihmDorfs - Converts all player units into Dorfs (Dwarves)

IwihmSlugFest - Converts all player units into Dorfs, Thrall and JMen

IwihmWights - Converts all player units into Wights

Read more on Vinylrake's IWIHM page

1901 Downloads  ·  111k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Baron Baums ~ v0.8

2006-01-01  [^]

This plugin replaces Wights, Barons, and most standard stampede units with Baron Baums. The experimental "(+amb)" plugin also replaces lots of standard ambient and hunting units (chicken/pig/deer/peasant) with ambient Baron Baums.

Essentially a Baron converted into a Wight with twice the power, the Baron Baum moves faster than a Wight, can take considerably more damage, can be healed (he doesn't disintegrate into pus packets), and delivers one heck of a punch when destroyed (or when blowing himself up via his Special). Very fun in stampeding hordes.

... Did I mention he is always invisible on the overhead map? Muhahahahahaaaaa...

1824 Downloads  ·  661k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Swineherd Stampede! ~ v1.0

2005-12-16  [^]

My tweak of Bungie's highly underutilized Swineherd unit, which I include on my Leagues from Somewhere Map Mod, now available as a stand-alone tagset for most standard stampede games on virtually any map.

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • A re-wired (and brutal) Swineherd "Axe attack" - don't get too close!
  • Appropriate and funny unit names (they were missing in the original unit)
  • Enhancements to behavior that take advantage of advanced features from Project Magma's 1.5/1.6 Myth II Patches
  • Repaired "soft death" (this looked very odd before and appeared broken)
  • A funny (and slightly rude) Taunt/Celebration
I think you'll like 'em. They make Stampede a bit more interesting.
Just add this plugin to most standard Stampede games and enjoy the ride!

                     OoH Game Conversion Plugins                     

1893 Downloads  ·  2.4 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 481 Downloads, 1 Review, ¤¤¤¤¤)

Balls o' Death ~ v1.0b

2005-08-18  [^]

Balls o' Death (BoD) are a collection of plugins for Myth II that replace net game balls with unusual, generally destructive (and often fun) balls:

* Bloody Dorf Heads  * Bloody Pus
* CloudKill  * Disco Inferno
* Dissapearing  * Gunpowder
* Invisible Bloody Pus  * Lightning
* Loco (-motive antigravity)  * Tribble
* Warlock Fire  * Where's Waldo's?
* Wight  * Wight Bouncy
* Wighty Wight  ... Read more here

2639 Downloads  ·  8k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1360 Downloads)

Balls o' Fun ~ v3.0

2004-11-01  [^]

This nifty little plugin converts all Steal the Bacon, Captures, Scavenger Hunt, and Balls on Parade balls - including the special ones for WWII, ADT, Wild West and Chimera - to: Giant, Mini, Wacky or Heavy Balls that each play differently.

Perfect for RDF but excellent without. Try hiding units behind the Giant Balls, Queso-style!

Combine with "KotH Flipper" for funky KotB games

2580 Downloads  ·  2k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1467 Downloads, 2 Reviews, ¤¤¤¤¤)

KotH Flipper ~ v2.1

2004-11-01  [^]

Flips King of the Hill Flags to Balls and vice versa. This means on maps with a KotH Flag you can play with a KotH Ball, and on maps with a KotH Ball you can play with a KotH Flag. Sweet, eh?

Works for WWII, ADT, Chimera and Worlds Collide too - Yowza!

Combine with "Balls o' Fun" for funky KotB games

                     OoH Maps                     

4362 Downloads  ·  13.2 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1605 Downloads, 3 Reviews, ¤¤¤¤¤)

StoneHeart RDF ~ v4.1g

2008-04-14  [^]

v4.1g Update: New Rumble maps; Minor gameplay improvements throughout - see the new readme for details.

A major mod of GimpMask's excellent Return to StoneHeart. Currently the OoH's most-played map. We play everything on this baby.

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • Maps where players start outside and fight their way in; maps where players start inside and must fight just to stay alive
  • Large selection of Team and FFA maps (2,3,4,6,8,16 starts)
  • Randomly rising/falling gates on two "inside" maps (Frenzy/Cage) for a gaming experience like no other
  • Reinforcements on inside maps even if you are killed early
  • Strategically placed breakaway walls for explosive units
  • Unique and challenging flag/ball layouts on all maps
  • Wrath of Baak to keep players from attacking early "inside"
  • Special Scavenger Hunt Balls 6 to 9 (and Ball "X"), plus an all-new True Scavenger Hunt gametype
  • Ball launchers for Bacon/Captures/Scavenger Hunt
  • Single unit Assassin games designed for conversions (RDF/WWII)
  • Built for RDF and just about every conversion under the sun
  • Truce Off Sirens for RDF/UGR/Trebuchets
  • Mini Peasant™ hunted units on all "outside" maps - hilarious!
  • Easter Eggs and more!
Full details in the new StoneHeart RDF Readme

1889 Downloads  ·  6.3 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1273 Downloads, 1 Review, ¤¤¤¤¤)

Triskelion ~ v1.0g

2007-03-30  [^]

My major mod of Bungie's "lost map" Cryptic Wightings inspired by The Gamesters of Triskelion, a Star Trek TOS episode. Current OoH Favorites: Flag Rally, KotH, Bacon on Lars or Shahna; CtF on Gamesters.

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • A huge map extended completely to raised edges with waterfalls at river sources, making it appear you are in a giant arena
  • Completely reworked terrain and water throughout
  • All new maps/units including unique 3-starts-each "intertwined" team maps, large team maps, 6- and 3-start FFA's
  • Dark moonlit night maps with eerie ambient effects
  • Unique and challenging flag/ball layouts on all maps
  • Special Scavenger Hunt Balls 6 to 9 - and Ball "X" - plus an all new game type: True Scavenger Hunt
  • Ball launchers for Bacon/Captures/Scavenger Hunt
  • King of the Hill Equalizers
  • Reworked Bungie Swineherd hunting targets (very skittish - meant for RDF - fun to play solo!)
  • Truce Off Sirens for RDF/UGR/Trebuchets
  • Easter Eggs and more!
Full details in the Triskelion Readme

1940 Downloads  ·  4.8 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Leagues from Somewhere ~ v1.1g

2005-12-22  [^]

Note: Play UGR Anywhere and the Swineherd Stampede plugin on top of the UGR maps (or anywhere else!) for the most updated versions of UGR and SS. Of course you can always play the original version of both by not adding the newest plugins.

Just when I was going to release my mod of Bungie's Leagues from Nowhere, I had this wild idea for the ultimate, end-all Ghôl Riot game: I wanted a field full of totally cool stuff for the Ghôls to throw around, and I wanted them randomly scattered around the map every single game so no two games were ever the same.

A year after the first proof-of-concept UGR map, and a zillion play-test games later - it's finally here...

Über Ghôl Riot is chock full of crazy goodies: Exploding Dorf Heads, Iffy Mortar Rounds, Fire Arrows, Pickles o' Death, Stone Pumpkins, Healing Melons, Shield Spheres, Pus, Satchels - all meticulously crafted to entice and entertain with the highest level of strategy and detail. Everything can dud (in sometimes hilarious ways) and everything is carefully balanced.

It's one wild ride!

Leagues from Somewhere includes a 2, 4, and 8-start UGR map along with an all-new Light FFA-4 and Light 2-Team map, and a special FFA-6 Dorf map designed for RDF or Flare Dorfs (of course you can play RDF on every map including the UGR ones - Mini T-Ghôl UGR is awesome! - see the included readme for instructions).

The UGR maps also include a mod of the long-lost Bungie Swineherd (a peasant riding a pig!) as stampede/hunting unit, with a rewired hand-to-hand battle axe attack and slightly rude taunt. Stampede on UGR is extremely challenging (especially with 6+ players) and is very fun!!

Check out the UGR Manual for details...

2757 Downloads  ·  33k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

RDF: Banor's Keep ~ v1.2

2004-11-01  [^]

Built for RDF "solo g's vs erd's"

Banor (aka Red Beard) now resides in the Baron's former Keep - and intends to stay there. Can you take him out?

Rumors abound regarding Banor, but the most common thing heard is that he is heavily guarded by a small army of fiercly loyal Evil 2Pus T-Ghols, Evil Mondos and Evil Water Spiders; that none have returned who have entered his Keep; and that to hear the sound of his Gigantic Fireball exploding can turn even the bravest warrior into a quivering pool of goo...

1889 Downloads  ·  2.5 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1157 Downloads, 1 Review, ¤¤¤¤)

Aztechno Dance Party ~ v1.02

2005-12-14  [^]

The FFA-4 map on Vinylrake's Aztechno Dance Party is incredibly fun for playing Flag Rally especially with the RDF "Mini Madness" Unit Set.

OMG - you must try it!

For additional details check out Vinylrake's ATDP page

1862 Downloads  ·  2.8 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Olde Sarum Arena ~ v1.06b

2005-12-14  [^]

Originally created long, long ago by Lone Dorf, Olde Sarum Arena was the very first map specifically made for Rocket Dorf Fest.

Vinylrake dusted it off awhile back, adding lush grass to the beautiful red rock landscape, a new Dorf Hero elimination style map and several minor tweaks.

Last Man on the Hill on OSA is one of the most interesting of any map due to its asymmetrical flag location and strategic rock surroundings. Simply not to be missed, especially with RDF's Mini or M+M Madness Unit Sets.

For additional details check out Vinylrake's OSA page

1840 Downloads  ·  263k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1088 Downloads)

The Quad ~ v1.2

2002-01-27  [^]

The Quad is a compact 4-start net map, great for short games.

Designed for small unit sets in close combat, the four starting locations are just out of visual sight of each other so there is no hiding on this map.

The Quad is set in an underground cavern with a walkway around the exterior. The walkway is connected to a walled-in central square which is accessible by four narrow stone bridges.

The units on this map are the original basic Myth units; warriors, archers, dwarves and journeymen. The lack of more exotic or diverse units tends to reward well played units more then it does a unit-trading guru - though there is enough flexibility in the unit trading to allow for some creative strategies.

There are two versions of this map, The basic vanilla flavored Quad, and the chocolate crunchy dwarf flavor, the latter for those of us who just can't seem to get enough of short people with bad attitudes hurling explosives. This 'dorf' version has nothing but dorfs and journeymen. Fortunately sanity prevailed before I worked up a Giant Fighting Grounds variant...

1837 Downloads  ·  1007k (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1078 Downloads)

The Quad Too ~ v2.1

2002-01-28  [^]

The Quad, Too! is a fairly compact 4-start net map, great for short games. A remake of my first map, "The Quad", this map has all new graphics, improved gameplay, and a significantly larger playing field, but is still designed for small squad battles in close confines.

The setting for this map is an underground cavern with a walkway around the exterior. The walkway is connected to a walled-in central square which is accessible by four stone bridges.

The relatively small number of units on these maps tends to reward well played and well managed units more then it does a unit-trading guru - though there is plenty of flexibility in the unit trading to allow for some creative and unconventional strategies.

There are now three versions of this map, The 'basic vanilla' flavored Quad, the 'We could be heroes' version (no I didn't name it that), and lastly, the Quad 'variety pack' which contains an assortment of the kinds of troops you hope your daughter doesn't bring home to dinner.

Ball games were intentionally omitted because during testing the ball invariably (by accident or by intent) ended up in places where it could not be tagged.

4179 Downloads  ·  13.3 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

(At The Tain: 1528 Downloads, 4 Reviews, ¤¤¤)


2005-02-11  [^]

A challenging map from sillek packed with zillions of unit/game combinations (including Elven Archers - yowza!), set in a large green valley with four unique villages and accompanying farmland/orchards.

An island surrounded by a deep, dried out creek makes the center intriguing and extremely fun to tackle, while variations in the farms and terrain throughout the map keep things interesting.

Supports WWII and regular units.

                     Baak's Redux Maps                     

Redux Maps are my term for map plugins brought back into playability by tweaking (sometimes extensively).
For these I generally keep the old maps in the plugin (with necessary fixes only) and then add in new maps to extend the fun.
This allows you to replace old versions of the plugin with the Redux ones and never lose anything.

1975 Downloads  ·  4.1 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Sleepy Hollow (Redux) ~ v2.1

2008-01-31  [^]

One of our most-played 3rd party maps, Sleepy Hollow holds a very special place amongst the best-of-the-best to the OoH. Unfortunately, it's all 5-start maps - so...

I reworked it to include not only all the original 5-start maps, but 4-start versions of each along with several brand new 2-team maps.

One of these: Siege, contains a special Capture the Flag and Balls on Parade game whereby the attacking team (starting from all four corners) must capture the flag/ball of the defending team (starting mid) before one second remaining to win. Intense.

The v2.0 Update contains a completely updated Siege map with more balanced units, spread out Defenders, full armies only on Legendary, tighter scripting, no UT, and an all new four-Baron Assassin game. v2.1 adds a challenging center hill to defend, by request. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Thoran (wherever you are) for this superb map.

1767 Downloads  ·  2.4 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Hedgerow (Redux) ~ v1.0r

2008-01-31  [^]

Another of our most-played plugins gets the Redux Treatment - includes all original maps with the following fixes, tweaks, and additions:

  • The original Slugfest map included uncontrollable stampede units for one team at all times, rendering most games on this map unplayable - FIXED!
  • Hedges are now Walking instead of Flying Impassable, allowing Leggo Airships, RDF Minis, UGR Wights, etc., to move freely over them - MUHAHAHAhahahahaaaaaaa...
  • Those annoying Peasants were removed after I had to move them to allow for proper flag/ball positioning on new maps. I don't know exactly how it happened, but once I started removing them I just couldn't stop...
  • Added Assassin, CtF, BoP to all Slugfest and Wacky maps; BoP to Dark maps; Stampede and BoP to Light maps
  • Added 2-team diagonal-start versions of all maps (Light, Dark, Slugfest, and Wacky) and a 4-start version of Wacky
Thanks to Electrofryer (SBS) and KVLtv for this most excellent map.

1826 Downloads  ·  1.4 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

The Sun's Anvil (Redux) ~ v1.0r

2007-08-10  [^]

This map holds a special place in my heart as one where I have been keeled like no other. Nokilli and Kaor ripped me to shreds in an early game that's immortalized in the OoH Hall of Fame (and further immortalized in the new pregame for this plugin). In another game, Kaor ripped my Assassin Pig to shreds (pulled pork?) seconds after I had to pull my *own* troops off it (a map bug)! Ah, the good ol' days...

I decided to resurrect this map as part of the OoH's 7th Anniversary (it had been our 77th Official Game), dust it off, fix a few minor bugs, and add in missing game types. It really is a slick map and well worth an afternoon's work to polish it up.


  • Unit mismatches on teams squashed
  • Fixed problems with: Pigs, Archers, Warlocks
  • Removed excess Dwarven Mortar Rounds from map edges
  • Added extra Assassin Pig (now two instead of one)
  • Added Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Balls on Parade, Stampede (same pigs), Hunting (Peasants and Target Dummies), and my True Scavenger Hunt game
  • Captures is fixed (appeared unfinished)
  • Added Pregame image (was missing) showing my brilliant defense against NKI at the center flag in LMotH where I positioned my troops on top of concentric rings of mortar rounds (see <===)
There was no readme with the original file, but I managed to track down some information on Vinylrake's excellent Myth Map Atlas whereby I found the original author's name: Gandalf (MoR).

Thanks for an awesome map, Gandalf. I hope this redux version lets more people enjoy it.

1891 Downloads  ·  3.7 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Leggo II Arena (RDF+) ~ v1.2

2004-04-26  [^]

The original Leggo II Arena (one of the first 3rd-party maps I ever played) was created in such a way as to make it impossible to play using Rocket Dorf Fest, even with all my 3rd-party unit conversions - so I tweaked it. It was, in fact, one of my first map mods.

Four new "Leggo II RDF" maps (for RDF or really big Leggo battles) include: (1) DOUBLE units on Heroic - TRIPLE units on Legendary; (2) "Alt" maps have Mechs, Saiyans and Bishops on all games; (3) Referees and the Double Damage artifacts are removed for better RDF gameplay. Remember though: you can play these maps with or without RDF.

The four original "Leggo II Arena" maps are left intact - other than a minor Saiyan fix: they occasionally spawned two heads when blown apart, instead of a gun arm and only one head as Nature intended.

I've also included the original Leggo II Manual here

1863 Downloads  ·  3.2 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Kings Garden (Redux)

2005-12-31  [^]

Note: This is a simple redux of Soma's most excellent map...

King's Garden is quite simply one kick-@$$ map for playing RDF. Unfortunately, it was only made as a 4-start FFA map...

During an intense RDF Colossus game, Destroyer mentioned it'd be nice if there were half the number of units per team (there are a lot of units - it plays best with four teams of two). And I had always wished there was a two-start map - so...

I bring you "King's Garden - Redux", which simply packages the original FFA-4 map along with two news ones: a FFA-4 "Half Units" map and the two-team map I've always wanted.

1865 Downloads  ·  4.8 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Around the Bend (RDF+)

2005-12-14  [^]

Note: A simple repackaging/tweak of "Around the Bend M2" for Myth II created by KVLtv of the OWL order to allow play using RDF and other conversions...

We've rediscovered this map recently but were frustrated that we couldn't play RDF on it (details in the readme). Two Saks requested a Mondo Madness "Street Fight" in the village - a brilliant idea - so...

Leaving the original maps intact, I've added a copy of the FFA-4 map called "Around the Bend (RDF)" with more RD's and less melee, and a new 2-start version of this same map called "Street Fight (RDF)". These maps can be played with or without RDF, but they are designed especially for RDF. I've also tweaked the units on all the original maps so they now work perfectly with RDF and many other conversions.

1857 Downloads  ·  4.6 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

A Very Idiot Halloween (Redux) ~ v1.2r

2006-10-19  [^]

A reworking of the inspired Halloween map by the Idiot Mapmaking Collective, which removes the insane (at least on the PC) ambient music, and adds lots of little mods (including improved Pumpkin Tossing and other unit enhancements) to make this an extremely playable map.

Full details in the included readme file.

Trick or Treat! :D

1902 Downloads  ·  1.5 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Tokyo 2021 (Redux) ~ v0.8

2006-01-06  [^]

Tokyo 2021 is one of those maps I stumbled on years ago and recently dug out to test our latest OoH games on (such as RDF, Trebs/Airships, etc.). When I opened it up I was once again in total awe. This map is AMAZING. The detail is incredible and it just begs to be explored.

All original maps are preserved (with a minor unit fix applied to one map). I've added a FFA-4 map using Venice-inspired units and a Team map using Lichen-inspired units - both of which include all game types except hunting (additional details in the included readme along with the original readme HTML file).

Thanks to Yasushi Odaira for this amazing map.

1876 Downloads  ·  2 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Piled Higher & Deeper (Redux) ~ v1.0r

2007-03-16  [^]

A minor reworking of this most excellent map (an old OoH favorite).

It now allows for Trebuchets (the middle start was Marsh terrain which didn't allow Trebs to move) and fixes the random crashing that always plagued this map (at least for us).

Otherwise unchanged.

1897 Downloads  ·  2.5 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

Eyrie (Redux) ~ v1.1r

2007-09-09  [^]

A minor reworking of this most excellent map by Malkavian (an old OoH favorite) that fixes:

* Wolf hunting/ambient units that players would auto-attack
* Random crashing (!) that plagued this map forever (at least for us)
* v1.1r - Removed Marsh terrain type that bogged (cough) down Trebs

Otherwise unchanged.

1823 Downloads  ·  4.7 MB (zip)  ·  Download it Now!

No Ceiling Maps ~ v1

2006-11-11  [^]

A collection of the following four "inside" maps modified to remove the invisible ceiling, thus allowing for play with OoH Plugins such as Flare Dorfs, Leggo Airships, and Trebuchets:

* Smells v1.1G
* Moon Shadow Cave v2
* Klash in the Keep
* The Baron (solo)

(All are renamed with a "no ceiling" suffix except for KitK, which is renamed to v1.01)

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