StoneHeart RDF v4.1g

by Baak (OoH)
Dedicated to: The Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak; my wife, Linda; Rocket Dorf Fest fans; Anywhere series fans; and Myth players everywhere. Long Live Myth!
Original map Return to StoneHeart by GimpMask (used with permission)
Last Updated: April 14, 2008
NOTICE: This plugin requires Project Magma's Myth II 1.6+ (Build 290 or greater). Using earlier versions may cause OOS errors or crashes.
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Update v4.1g

Unique and Interesting Features


The maps on SHRDF are divided into two main types: Inside and Outside; with Light, Dark, and Dwarf variants:

Map Units In/Out #Starts Gates Description
Light Light Outside 2,4,8 No Standard Light units
Army size based on difficulty (see details below)
Pathfinder Light Outside 2,4,8 No Same as "Light" but includes invisible Pathfinder Dorfs
Extremely fun with Rocket Dorf Fest M+M or Giant Madness
Riot Dwarves Outside 2,4,8,16 No Nothing but Dorfs
Designed for conversions such as RDF, Flare Dorfs, WWII
Rumble Dark Outside 2,4 No Dark units in a slightly twisted setting with
Forest Giants, Myrmidons, Wasps, Fetch, bre'Unor, Ghols, Wights
Maze Light Inside 2,3,6 Yes (at first) Light units in close-quarters combat
Legendary adds Warlocks - Inner gates go up once after siren blows
Frenzy Light Inside 2,3,6 Yes (Up/Down) Light units in close-quarters combat
Legendary adds Warlocks - Inner gates randomly raise/lower
Cage Dwarves Inside 2,3,6 Yes (Up/Down) Dorfs in close-quarters combat - ideal for conversions such as
RDF, Flare Dorfs, WWII - Inner gates randomly raise/lower

Unit Trading

Because the StoneHeart RDF map is relatively small, all Unit Trading is based on Difficulty Level. This means every team always starts with exactly the same units. For most games playing on Heroic is recommended, as Legendary adds inner fences to outside maps and the maximum number of units to inside maps, as follows (rein=reinforcement unit):

Timid Simple Normal Heroic Legendary
Very few or one unit
Think: Elimination
A handful
of units
A few more
MAX units MAX units PLUS
small inner fences
Rumble Always
MAX units
MAX units
MAX units
MAX units
Always MAX units PLUS
small inner fences
MAX units
MAX reins
MAX units
MAX reins
MAX units
MAX reins
MAX units
MAX reins
MAX units PLUS Warlocks
MAX reins
Cage 1 unit inside
1 rein
2 units inside
2 reins
3 units inside
2 reins
4 units inside
2 reins
6 units inside
3 reins

Our Favorite Combinations

By far our favorite combination is to play RDF (Rocket Dorf Fest) RD Madness on Cage-6, Heroic or Legendary, 10 minutes Assassin, with the map off. Heavy Bacon (using Balls o' Fun) is also popular as is Giant Madness and Flare Dorfs. The Assassin game makes all your Dorfs targets. Having reinforcements adds many surprises!

All of the Anywhere multiplayer plugins play great on the Maze/Frenzy maps - especially Marathon Anywhere with Juggernaughts as Assassin targets. Oh man...

Another classic combination is RDF M+M Madness on the Pathfinder FFA-8 start, LMOTH, 4 or 5 minutes, map off. Because the Pathfinder Dorfs on this map convert to RDF Pathfinder Minis, the game tends to end with an insane semi-invisible battle at the middle. For those unfamiliar with RDF Pathfinder Minis, their Special Attack is a suicide explosion which makes for some amazing strategies and tactics.

Even more fun on the Pathfinder Map: RDF substitutes all Rocket Dorf types for Pathfinder Dorfs which means playing Giant Madness on the Pathfinder map gives you invisible Giants! The new Anywhere plugins also substitute converted units for the Pathfinder Dorfs. Try playing Captures with Wacky Balls (from Balls o' Fun). Yowza.

Trebuchets and Airships also make for extremely fun games on all maps, as do Bushido and UGR Anywhere.

Heck, there are so many combinations - and dozens we have yet to try - these are just the ones we play most often.

Wrath of Baak

Beware... Due to the nature of starting so close to the enemy on the inside maps (Maze/Frenzy/Cage), no one is allowed to attack until the Truce Off siren sounds - and I mean no one and no attacking whatsoever. Don't shoot at the ground, your comrades, a fence - don't even think about it. Anything other than Journeyman Healing (on Maze/Frenzy) will trigger the Wrath - and it can be pretty wrathful...

And just in case anyone complains that their units auto-attacked: all auto-targeting is turned off until the siren sounds. Keep this in mind if you put artillery units next to a fence that doesn't go up and the enemy is on the other side - they might auto-attack as soon as the siren blasts and consequently self-destruct.

True Scavenger Hunt

This map implements my special True Scavenger Hunt game type. With the help of Myrd at Project Magma (and some serious tweaking) the Scavenger Hunt balls are not only invisible on the overhead map, but are only visible when you are within visual range of them - just like enemy units! This means you must search for them like a true scavenger hunt. And of course, you can hide them too. Muhahahahahaaa...

All maps also include my special Scavenger Hunt balls 6 through 9, while inside maps add Ball "X" - a 10th Scavenger Hunt ball that never shows up on the Scoreboard. This means you won't know who has or hasn't tagged it unless you actually see it happen. We've only just begun to explore this new game type and think you'll really like it.

Note: The reason I say "my" Scavenger Hunt balls 6 through 9 and Ball "X" is because they are specially designed to work with my Balls o' Fun plugin (for standard Myth, WWII, ADT, Chimera, Wild West, etc.) giving you Wacky, Heavy, Giant, or Mini Scavenger Hunt balls. Take a second and ponder the permutations here...


Extra Special Thanks to ...

Special Thanks to ...

Final Ruminations

SHRDF holds a special place in my heart (pun intended) because I learned SO MUCH about mapmaking over all the years and revisions of this single plugin. Hard to believe I started seriously working on this map in 2003 and it's been through 38+ revisions. Lots of new ideas (that always cropped up right when I thought I was done) combined with tons of hard work and excellent feedback from the OoH have all gone into the final product.

It's been one wild ride and I've loved every minute of it - even the minutes when I wanted to beam the creators of Loathing into deep space, widest possible angle of dispersion...

I hope you enjoy playing the end result as much as we do.

Feel free to comment on this map and anything else OoH, Myth, or game-related in the OoH Forums.


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