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More than 3,652,412,855,995 bytes in 91,400 downloads proudly served to the Myth Community since October 2004
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UpdatedTypePlugin Name / Download LinkSize
Manual/Info or
Home Page
Myth II 1.8.2 (Windows)14.7239733975What is Myth?
Myth II 1.8.2 (Mac OS X)19.624923492598What is Myth?
Myth II 1.8.2 (Mac Classic)16.378793871What is Myth?
Myth II 1.8.2 (Linux)12.016410591223What is Myth?
OoHBIGZIP #1 · OoH Plugins427.9(301.5)16061606Plugin List
3+BIGZIP #2 · Third Party (Must Haves)335.7(247.2)17751775Plugin List
3BIGZIP #3 · Third Party (Played Less)323.7(242.9)16861686Plugin List
M3BIGZIP #4 · Myth III Maps & Plugins272.8204204Plugin List
MWCMWC 2011 Plugin Pack213.8(163.7)12001200Plugin List
1861 Civil War (Multiplayer) · v1.012.2321321
1861 Civil War (Solo) · v1.013.2602602
319th Hole · v1.02.018281828
3+3 Dorf Arena 328.818131813At The Tain
3A Borderland Odyssey6.518101810
A Gambler's Heart5.7364364
3A Grave Reason to Swim · v1.26.318021802Readme
3A Poison Holiday (MWC)6.717771777
A Separation of Ages · v1.012.7638638
3A Shattered Visage · v1.16.017871787ASV Home
3A Very Idiot Christmas · v1.03.918071807
OoHA Very Idiot Halloween (Redux) · v1.2r4.618571857
A VRy Drunken Slugfest · 0.6.272645717At The Tain
3+Acts of Piety · v1.05.220032003
3ADT Tagset+Maps (no auto-load) · v1.325.5(20.2)33593359ADT Manual
OoHAnywhere Multiplayer Pak · v1.15102.4(73.1)347817745252Manual
OoHAnywhere Solo Pak · v0.269.5(53.9)344619595405Manual
OoHAround the Bend (Redux)4.818661866Readme
OoHAztechno Dance Party · v1.022.5188911603049VR's Maps
OoHBaak's Artillery Pak · v0.228.9(3.2)39273927
OoHBalls o' Death · v1.0b2.418934812374VR's BoD
OoHBalls o' Death 2 · v011.917191719
OoHBalls o' Fun · v3.0.0263913624001
3+Barbarian Valley Tourney · v2.24.920522052
OoHBaron Baums · v0.8.119011901
OoHBaron von Target Dummy · v0.9.020502050
3+Barons Backyard · v1.13.418901890
3+Battle Arena · v2.02.418701870
3Behind the Library · v1.02.819621962
3Boil and Bubble5.117971797
3+Borogove · v1.03.018801880
3+Broken Arrow · v14.018871887
Bushido - Ouishiana Temple · v1.014.6109109
Bushido - Way of the Warrior · v1.055.2402402
3Bushido Map Pack # 18.719471947Bushido Maps #1
3Bushido Map Pack # 28.319351935Bushido Maps #2
Bushido Units Tagset · v1.011.0240240Bushido Manual
3Caer Cadarn5.017941794
CoD - Source of the 500 Poisons · v1.07.5642642
CoD: Banks of the Ire · v1.04.8765765
CoD: Level Pack 1 (Co-op) · v1.013.2747747
3Crazy AL · v1.21.317941794Crazy Al
3+Creep on the Borderlands3.218741874
Deadfall · v176.4(57.8)12401240Deadfall Home
3+Dorfball · v13.318981898Dorfball Manual
3Dorfball Ermine Arena · v12.117961796Dorfball Manual
3Dun Caric4.417971797
OoHEyrie (Redux) · v1.1r2.518971897
3+Fetchball · v1.05.418901890
OoHFlare Dorfs · v2.1.0273014454175
3+Fosgarach Ruillick · v24.918901890
3Garden of Segesta · v1.12.818001800
3+Gimble Head to Head · v12.818751875
3+God Head at Aleppo5.618791879
3Grass · v1.01.418101810
3Green Acres3.117941794
3+Green Paradise · v1.13.218971897
3+Grilling Grounds · v14.318971897
3+Group of Coops #2 · v1.038.619731973Readme
3Heart of Darkness · v1.12.817861786
OoHHedgerow (Redux) · v1.0r2.417671767
3Heroes of Haxors · v217.6(12.7)40994099HoH2 Readme
3+Hills of the Crow · v23.018771877
Homeland · v1.09.5597597
Homeland II · v1.013.0605605
3+Hvergelmir · v1.46.119041904
OoHI Wish I Had More Trow · v01.018031803VR's Iwihm Trow
OoHI Wish I Had More ____ · v0.9.1.020612061VR's Iwihm
3If I had a Trow (Classic)3.517701770
OoHJinn Anywhere · v1.1549.0(43.3)30413041Manual
OoHKebira · v.03b6.317231723
3Keep Across the River4.617941794
OoHKings Garden (Redux)3.218631863
3+Knuckle of the Oasis · v1.12.018741874
OoHKnuckle of the Oasis WWII2.017081708
OoHKotH Flipper · v2.1.0258014724052
3+Krakatoa · v1.33.718701870
OoHLeagues from Somewhere · v1.1g4.819401940UGR Manual
Legend of Gor Ash · v1.531.4737737
Legend of Gor Ash (FFA) · v1.19.1247247
OoHLeggo Airships5.1195216013553
OoHLeggo II Arena (Redux) · v1.23.718911891Leggo II Manual
Leggo III Solo Tagset · v1.06.8219219Leggo III Manual
3Leggo My Myth · v1.13.318021802Leggo I Manual
3+Let Wyrd Sort 'Em Out · v1.22.818881888At The Tain
3+Lichen Final4.418821882
3Lost on Ice2.218041804
3+Lost Paths · v1.14.618791879
3+Magma TFL Multipack36.4(27.1)32523252MTM Home
3Magma's War of Reckoning15.3(12.3)39933993
3Manistee Paintball20.2(15.7)37463746MP Manual
3+Mockingbird · v1.09.318691869
Modus Operandi · v1.13.7106106At The Tain
Morte Della Luna · v1.02.9613613
OoHMudpit Mega Mix (Final)8.417791779
OoHMudpit Mega Mix (Tagset)5.017171717
MWCMWC 2011 Plugin Pack213.8(163.7)12001200Plugin List
3Myopia · v1.23.517881788Myopia Readme
OoHMyth+ · v6.21.317061706
OoHNo Ceiling Maps · v14.718231823
OoHOlde Sarum Arena · v1.06b2.818621862
3On the Rocks · v2.12.718071807
3+Peace on the Ramparts3.222272227
3Perfidy's Demesne · v1.06.418101810
3+Phantom Hounds: Call of Glory · v1.116.3(11.7)40564056At The Tain
3+Phoenix Rising3.018581858
3+Phoenix Rising - Two Team · v1.13.018591859
3+Picket Fences1.818791879
OoHPiled Higher & Deeper (Redux) · v1.0r2.018761876
3Pirates 1.05.217921792
3Raisin Barn7.518651865
3Rank and Defiled2.418081808
OoHRDF: Banor's Keep · v1.2.027572757
3+Red Sand, Black Blood · v13.318801880
OoHRemnants · TWS Edition20.4174315883331
OoHReturn to Venice · v1.2.217211721
River of Gold (Solo/Multi) · v1.06.4169169
River of Life · v1.06.3157157
OoHRocket Dorf Fest (RDF) · v5.17.729882988RDF Manual
3Rune Chamber · v1.02.218061806
3+Sak's Cannon.122102210
3Sallias · v1.01.017871787Readme
3Sedimental Flora · v1.01.317911791
3Shattered Earth · v26.520592059
OoHShiver's Turn · rc9c22.7(18.9)310024485548
3Shuffle off this Mortal Coil · v15.017851785
3SitH Tagset · v1.06.018021802SitH Manual
OoHSleepy Hollow (Redux) · v2.14.119751975
3+Smells Like Death in Here · v1.1G2.218401840
3+Special Forces 2 · v1.057.518211821Manual
3Spinach beta 22.317841784
3Stalk · v1.15.217851785Stalk Readme
OoHStoneHeart RDF · v4.1g13.2(5.9)436216105972SHRDF Readme
OoHSwineherd Stampede · v1.0.618241824Swineherd Readme
3Tallow Abbey2.417881788
TFL Bagrada for MythII · v1.07.1190190
3The Barrens · v1.24.817951795
3The Blade Garden · v1.02.817931793
The Bre Unor Attack · v1.13.7511511
The Chalk Hills · Redux7.9118118At The Tain
3+The Four Leaved Fen1.818701870
The Gauntlet · v2.04.9181181
3+The Great Divide · v1.05.318791879
3The Hidden1.917961796
OoHThe Quad · v1.2.3184010902930
OoHThe Quad Too · v2.11.0183710802917
3The Rock · v1.01.718101810
The Seventh God · v1.4216.4(166.9)37313731TSG Manual
OoHThe Sun's Anvil (Redux) · v1.0r1.418261826
3+The Wild West · v212.4(10.4)42314231Wild West Manual
3Thrallerella · v1.02.418011801
OoHTiberium Dorf · v4.04.1171912032922At The Tain
3+Titus Groan4.318721872
OoHTokyo 2021 (Redux) · v0.81.519021902
OoHTriskelion · v1.0g6.3188912763165Triskelion Readme
3+Twin Temples of the Dog1.219041904
3+Twister · v1.34.518981898
3+Wasteland · v16.118771877
OoHWeirdobodomons · v1.6 RC4.1175114123163WBDM 1.x Manual
3Weirdobodomons 2.218041804WBDM 2 Manual
OoHWeirdobodomons Mesh Pack · v1.06.017201720
OoHWeirdobodomons v1.2 FINAL.118011801WBDM 1.x Manual
3Wight Falls II · v1.08.217961796WF II Readme
OoHWight Giants · v0.1.217331733
3+Wild West Mud River · v13.518471847
3Winter Map Pack · v731.0(25.1)31233123At The Tain
3+Worlds Collide · v1.14.618871887Worlds Collide Manual
3+WWII Units · v1.16.019471947WWII Manual
3+Zy's Trio Plugin Pack · v1.0.218331833Readme
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