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Rocket Dorf Fest!! - Acknowledgements & Legal Stuff


Many thanks to Bungie Software for creating such a completely cool game! :)

Special thanks to ig98 for the creation of the original Rocket Dwarfs, as wacky as they are they inspired me to create several adaptations and ultimately inspired this conversion, which have provided us with a lot of fun times! :)

Thanks to Korgath of Creation (for creating) and GimpMask of KRO (for adapting and posting) the totally cool
Sak Cannon unit, which has provided us with countless great games. Get it and play with it - it's fun! :)

Thanks to Vinylrake, Two Saks, Lone Dorf, and HedgeSnake for extra feedback in the early versions of RDF!! :)

Special thanks to Vinylrake for extra testing and feedback early-on that inspired the creation of the Water Spiders and for the name "Variety Pak" - very nice! ;)

Special thanks to Lone Dorf for his hilarious "Double Rebound" animated gif from that Sunday Night RDF Match and the accompanying article he wrote about it called "Xdorf Harnesses Mutant Chi"! Hopefully it still exists here, but if not I may have copied it to the ~OoH~ site somewhere! :)

Special thanks to Haravikk for extra replies to my forum postings which helped expand my understanding of collections and color tables. Although I didn't use this information in v1.0, it's very likely I will use it in future releases (v1.1+). Grab his excellent "Myth II Reborn" from the Project Magma HL Server here. Also for helping me with good/evil/ambient assignments for Magma's TFL Solo conversion.

Additional special thanks to Haravikk for taking the time to discover why my Fireballs were not spinning and sending me the fixed files from his Mac! ;)

Thanks to Rabid Wombat for additional feedback on RDF and special thanks to GHOST for help solving the mysterious reinforcements scripting bug that wouldn't work on one mesh of "StoneHeart RDF!!" :D

Thanks to GimpMask for creation of the original "Return to StoneHeart" map and for permission to create my extensive mod of this excellent map just for RDF!!

Very Special Thanks to all the Members of the Order of H'Pak - past, present and future - for playing nearly every week for more than five years, logging 4,500+ games (1,500+ of which are now RDF games!!) - without whom I never would have created this.

Special thanks to the spouses and family members of the ~OoH~ Members for their patience, understanding, and willingness to indulge us all.

And last, a Very Special Thank You to my wife, Linda, for her infinite patience, love and support that made all this possible. Every time you play Rocket Dorf Fest!!, send her a little "Thanks!", as without her it wouldn't have happened and we wouldn't be having all this fun! :)

Legal Stuff

This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever.

Use at your own risk.

Created with:

Fear © Bungie Software Products Corporation
Maps/Solos also created with Loathing © Bungie Software Products Corporation
Tahoe and Topaz © Vista Map Making Cartel
frhed (free hex editor) v1.1.0 © Raihan Kabria -
Adobe's Photoshop
v5.6/v5.8 © Larry Wall
vim (for DOS) by Bram Moolenaar et al.
...and a lot of hard work! ;)

Based on "Rocket Dwarfs" by ig98, which I have made available here (this is the original zip from the Mill - no readme).

Anything not created independently from the Myth game by the author are: Copyright Bungie Software and/or Take Two Interactive and/or whoever owns the Copyright at this time.

Any maps or plugins mentioned are copyright by their respective authors.

Any other marks are the property of their respective holders.

"Rocket Dorf Fest!!" and all related independently created material, including, but not limited to: The Rocket Dorf Background and Story; "Rocket Dorf"; all RDF Characters, Unit Types (e.g. "Colossus", "Giant", "Mini", "Mondo", etc.), Unit Sets, Unit Set names (e.g. "Mondo Madness!"), Unit Names, Flavors, Descriptions, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses; Unit Balance; the combination of settings and balanced units that make up the game "Rocket Dorf Fest!!"; any and all original RDF graphics or sounds; The Rocket Dorf Fest Manual and any other related documentation; are:
Copyright © 2000-2006 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

No part of "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" (including this Manual and any other related material) may be used without explicit prior written permission from the author. This includes, but is not limited to, including on commercial (for profit) or not-for-profit media, posting on download sites, or using any portion thereof.

If you want to use the "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" plugin on your own maps, most likely it will just work "as-is". If you wish to use any portion for any other reason, post your request in the OoH Forums and we'll discuss it further. Use the OoH Forums if you have questions about what units get substituted so you can set things up properly, etc.

Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" as much as we do! :)

Rocket Dorf Fest!! Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff is here.
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