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Rocket Dorf Fest!! - Extra Notes on Unit Trading

Unit Trading in RDF can look a little odd at first...

You will often see more than one selection for the same RDF unit. This is because, for example, Warriors and Berserks might both be converted into T-Ghôls, so you would see two T-Ghôl trading selections. No biggie.

Now when I made the Madness! Unit Sets I wanted to be able to play fewer units on any map (managing 48 Minis on a map isn't fun - trust me), so I came up with some magick that makes unit trading in Madness! games even funkier...

RDF n00b TIP #2:
Beginners might want to just turn off Unit Trading for Madness! games and skip this section for now.

Those units that are not substituted with RDF units in the "Madness!" Unit Sets are transformed into...  nothing!

:: Pauses while watching your eyes glaze over and your mouth open slowly like a Trout ::

Yes, you heard me correctly. Nothing. Nada. Beamed into deep space - widest possible angle of dispersion. Zip. Zilch...

Actually, for the record: they convert into Flying Invisible Squirrel Heads™ - LOL!! - I kid you not! :)

This little piece of magick allows you to play with a handful of Giants using "Giant Madness!" on a map that might otherwise give you 30 or 40 units. This does make Unit Trading look even stranger than with the standard RDF multiplayer plugins, since you will now have one or more rows showing no names and 0 points to trade!

Here's an example using "Mini Madness!" on Gimble:

The purple rows show all the trading rows for Mini RD's (which is the dominant unit in "Mini Madness!"). You can see that you could trade away one Mini for 3 Mini Water Spiders (which can be very wise on maps like Gimble). The yellow rows show the "nothing" trading entries we've been talking about that only appear with "Madness!" Unit Sets. Notice they have no name and show a trading value of 0 Points. Ignore them or trade them as much as you like - it makes no difference. :)

Once you play the Madness plugins a couple of times this will become second nature.

For many maps, the "Madness!" Unit Sets will give you no real trading options. It's often simpler (and for beginners a good idea) to just turn UT off when playing "Madness!" - but sometimes that one unit trade can make a huge difference! ;)

With or without UT, the fact that you can now play all those maps that have tons of units using a nice, relatively small, highly focused unit set is one of the sweetest things in RDF - revel in the Madness! :D

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