"Hedgerow" (Wacky w/Sak Cannons) · Game of the Week November 25, 2001

Download the Film (requires the Sak Cannon plugin)
Because the capturing of the Bacon was so incredibly funky in this game, I thought it would be nice to show precisely how and when it was captured:

The image on the left shows
NKI's last Dorf just before he gets nailed (camera is facing NW). The second image (now facing NE) shows the Bacon launching towards the NE corner of the map - three of TS's Dorfs just bought the farm and all their remaining flares are bringing down a huge rain of satchels! (click on the images to enlarge):
Now if you look closely at the next two pictures, you can see the first capture of the Bacon by one of
TS's Dorfs. The camera can be seen on the overhead map (in yellow) with TS's Dorf roughly at the point of the arrowhead. NKI was silver-purple in this game and you can see the tiny x just to the left of the arrowhead in the first picture, as well as the tiny blue dot which represents TS's Dorf! (click the overhead map to enlarge)

A moment later the Bacon has been captured by TS - the tiny x is now blue! (click the second overhead map to enlarge) ... But where is the Bacon?

With just 10 seconds left in the game the Bacon is launched again and at this point the Bacon belongs to TS - you can see the tiny x to the right of the arrowhead in the first picture (click the overhead map to enlarge).

Then... Baak's two Dorfs (one of them can be seen to the left in the second picture) are just under the Bacon as it flips overhead - after bouncing off the cliff face at the edge of the map - and they capture it! You can see the x in the second picture next to the two tiny dots which are the Dorfs! (click the overhead map to enlarge)

The last image shows the Bacon in the far North of the map at the end of the game...

Hooo Doggie! One for the Funk File!

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