Enter Player names, #teams, Captaining prefs - et voila!   
The Official "Grab & Defend" Bacon Rules   
All Myth II standard units and descriptions in one handy grid   
Five classic Vintage OoH games (w/films)   
How we play Myth in the House of OoH   
The very last OoH "Game of the Week" (w/film)   
The OoH "Game of the Week" Archives - #99 to #1 (w/films)   
Cool Summary of our vintage Game of the Week games   
The complete Catalog of all the GOTW games   
Every single GOTW film in one handy zip file   
An enlightening Summary of all our Official Games   
The entire Official Game Catalog in an Excel spreadsheet   
Guidance for new OoH Players   
More guidance for new OoH Players   
Advanced tips and techniques   
The aledged infiltration of VR's Archers by Baak   
Further evidence of a conspiracy? You decide.   
The Mystery (at the time) of Flying Bacon - Explained   
Fun snapshots and QuickTime movies (from long ago)   
Two Saks' concept for a new OoH Awards   
The H'Pak News (from long, long ago)   
The first 1,111(!) Game Commentaries in one big zip file   
Some helpful tips for mastering Sak Cannons   
The original OoH Player/Team Awards   
Baak's Christmas Myth Wish - plus NKI's hilarious reply!   
The Official Invitation for the first "outside" OoH Member   
Funny Myth Puns from VR   
Baak's UT & Arcade Game Links (some broken)   
Non-OoH Bungie games from long ago   
Summary of same   
Non-OoH MariusNet games from long ago   
Summary of same   
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