The OoH Mission Statement

Our Goal:

To Play for the sheer enjoyment of The Game with like-minded Players...

To experience the camaraderie, humor, anticipation, and thrill of The Game
in intense, exciting, and amazing situations...

Through a combination of skill, teamwork, imagination,
and the "roll of the dice"...

Game after Game, Match after Match.

The OoH House Rules


The OoH Pledge

All OoH Members and Guests agree to abide by The OoH House Rules at all times during OoH Matches.


We Play Unranked Games

In keeping with our Mission Statement we play only Unranked Games. We do however compete in the occasional Myth Tourney such as the Myth World Cup.


Player Color Guidelines

If a Member believes a Player's color does not meet the following guidelines and/or is causing a problem, they may request that the Player change their colors:

Excessively Dark Colors are not allowed - They are too hard to see on some maps and can give an unfair advantage in certain situations.

"Contested" Gray is not allowed - If you Primary color is Gray and is too similar to the Contested Ball/Flag color, you will be required to make it darker or lighter accordingly. Otherwise Contested and Owned Balls/Flags are easily confused, making split-second decisions difficult.

Members retain right to their Colors based on seniority - If your Colors are identical or too close to another Member or Special Guests's usual Colors (such that it causes confusion or causes them to floyn), the Member or Special Guest with seniority has the right to use their usual Colors first. Seniority is determined by the "First Official OoH Game # Played" - the lower the number, the higher the seniority.


We Usually Play with "Show Enemy on Overhead Map" Turned Off

This not only allows for the ever-popular "sneak attack" but makes the game more fun and keeps us on our toes. Of course there are times (and even entire Matches) where we turn it On. Of course, Players can always request it turned On during their "pick".


The "One Minute Truce" (OMT)

Some maps have a built-in "Truce Off" Siren (such as StoneHeart RDF and others). Unless the Host or Players decide otherwise, and unless you're playing on a map that has a built-in Siren (which can go off at various times under a minute depending on the game), a One Minute Truce (OMT) is considered in effect at the start of a Game when the following are played:



* Trebuchets

* Airships
* WWII (for firing RPG's into Player Starts)
* Anything with fast and/or massive firepower
* Anything else not listed if the Host/Players decide on having an "OMT"

On maps with a "Truce Off" Siren, the OMT (we use that term even if it's under a minute) is in effect until you hear the blast.

THE OMT RULE: When an OMT is in effect, you are not allowed to attack an enemy unless "viably threatened" (generally by a pack of Ghols or units that are well within range). If it appears the other Player does not realize they are posing a threat, it is considered polite (but is not required) to give them warning before defending yourself. On extremely close-quarter maps such as "StoneHeart RDF" you are not allowed to attack an enemy until the Truce Off Siren is sounded.

Also don't fire "blind" into the distance (including the center of the field for games like Bacon) during the OMT. The idea of the OMT is to give players a chance to spread out a set up a during a game without being blown to bits at their Start or elsewhere - which is otherwise lame.

Remember to SPREAD OUT on games such as RDF and Trebs or you'll tend to die just after the
OMT ends...

The OMT ends either with the start of the Siren Blast (on maps that have them), or after one minute of post-Planning Time gaming has expired (e.g. in a 9 minute game the OMT expires at precisely 8:00 remaining).

On non-Siren maps as a courtesy (but not required), the Host or other Players should announce when the Truce has ended by Yelling "Truce off" or something similar.

NOTE: If someone is trigger-happy or forgets or has an auto-attack, then any Players who were attacked early can decide if the Game should be restarted.


Alliances Allowed

Unless the Host forgets to set this option, or the Game/Match is specifically set to not allow Alliances, Alliances are allowed in FFA games. Make or break them at will. This adds some interesting possibilities that we are only beginning to explore.


No Holds Barred

We believe "Free For All" means just that, and we apply the same philosophy to Team Games as well. We have no special unwritten rules such as "no double-teaming", nor do we expect any particular game to be played any particular way. Be the Borg: shift and adapt to everything.

Of course, what goes around comes around...

If two players/teams are engaged in a particularly good fight, consider letting them finish - but if it's game-changing to not crush one of them, by all means go right ahead.

Note that the OMT (see above) must always be observed in games where it is in effect.


The "H'Pak Tie" - Where Ties are Ties

Because we play only Unranked Games, and because we prefer an "outright win" over a technical one - ties count as ties in OoH Games. This is true for any Game Type.

Two or more Players/Teams get six Flags on Flag Rally? Tie. Doesn't matter who tagged the six first. Two or more Players/Teams get one Assassin Target apiece? Tie. Three minutes forty-seven seconds each on King of the Hill? Tie. Four Pigs each through the Teleporters? Tie. And so on...


Official Games

All OoH Games other than Warm Ups, Test Games, Dead Games, Extra Co-ops, Extra Training, etc., are considered Official Games.

Official Games go into the OoH Official Game Catalog and are candidates for OoH Competitions, Game of the Week, the OoH Hall of Fame, etc. Official Games are the only games used in determining the OoH Award winner(s) (if any) for a Match.


Handling Player Drops

An unusual occurrence (and generally always an ISP issue), Player Drops are handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally:

* If a Player Drops early in the Game, the Game is considered Dead and we start over.

* If the Player Drops mid-Game (other Players have heavily engaged), the Game may or may not be considered Dead (the remaining Players decide). If it isn't Dead, then the Game does not count towards the Dropping Player's total Games for the Match (in the case of OoH Awards or Competitions).

* If a Player Drops in a Team Game, we usually declare the Game Dead, unless the remaining Team Players decide it would not have affected the outcome or decide to play until the end.

Basically we come to an agreement with all the Players involved and make sure everyone considers it a fair decision.


Ideas and Suggestions from the Players are Always Welcome

Keeping things fresh is always a good idea. Any ideas for Team Competition, Special Event Nights, or anything else are always invited and welcome!

Surprise each other! Think of something new and kewl! :D

Members and Special Guests can post requests in the Requests Forum


Save those Films!

Please "Save Replay" as soon as a Game ends - just make it a habit before typing "gg"! ;)

I will send an e-mail out requesting films that I didn't get (if there were any I missed). Of course, if you are running the Film AutoSaver on a PC this is automatically done for you! :D

(If you could watch for this possible e-mail during the day after the Match, and send me a zip of your saved films, I can get the current Film Pak posted for everyone that day! Thanks to NKI, LD, and
MT we have caught many that would have vanished otherwise! Kudos!)


Unusual Circumstances are Voted On

Anything else that comes up during a Game or Match that requires a decision is decided on by the Players involved at that time.

For games with Guests, a consensus decision reached by ~OoH~ Members always has precedence.


Be One With The Match

Players are expected to be "present" and engage OoH Matches with their full attention.

This means among other things they should not be talking on the phone, watching TV, "multitasking" (i.e. downloading/uploading large computer files (including streaming video)), or otherwise engaged in simultaneous or background activity of any kind that prevents them from engaging OoH Matches and players with their full, undivided attention 99% of the time.

If a player is unable or unwilling to be "present", anticipates the likelihood of not being "present", or does not like a particular map/plugin/game combination (e.g. hates Trow BC on Proving Grounds), they should physically leave the game (i.e. sit in the lobby) until they are able and willing to fully join in the fun. If possible, they should let everyone know they are leaving.

Exceptions to this rule include emergency situations where notice cannot be given (such as with Queso and Hungrosity when working or unexpected urgent family needs, etc.).

Players may be booted by the host with reasonable notice if it appears they are afk.


Un-OoH-like Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated

Although highly unlikely, should an OoH Member, Special Guest, or Guest not abide by the OoH House Rules, play outside the spirit of the OoH outlined in our Mission Statement, or otherwise offend or disrupt the game, they will be asked to leave for the night. Repeat violations will result in a vote as to possible banning of said player and a stripping of their OoH  Guest or Member status.

Additional House Rules for OoH Special Guests and Guests


Read and abide by the OoH House Rules (listed above)


You MUST be COMPLETELY up-to-date with the Battle Plan!!

The OoH Members are always up-to-date with the Battle Plan, and as a Guest you are expected to have all the maps/plugins installed and ready to go. If not, you'll be asked to "sit one out" as we have them all loaded to play them. :)

I've made the information on the Battle Plan even more complete by providing extra links for maps/plugins not available elsewhere on the web.

If you have a slow connection, download the Battle Plan during the week before the Match - don't wait until the last minute. There's nothing worse than not getting to play something because one person didn't get it loaded... I do my best to update the Battle Plan by Friday night (or Saturday Noon at the latest) so get as much as you can beforehand and the last-minute extras when they arrive. :)


Clean out your Myth plugins, recordings and local folder before you join

Before joining an OoH Game, please remove any extra plugins that are not part of the Battle Plan. Make a Myth subfolder called "@plugins" and move them there. Even with Myth II Patch 1.5.x we still get some odd conflicts when a Guest Host has tons o' plugs.

Make a separate subfolder called @recordings and move your extra recordings there as well. For some unknown reason Myth will sometimes save films improperly if your recordings folder is not cleared out before the Match. This was my main motivation for createing the Film AutoSaver. The problem affects Mac users too - clearing out the folder is the best solution.

Please remove anything extra from your Myth "local" folder. As per Bungie Rules, the only modficiations allowed in our games are "formations" and "observer constants" (if you don't know what these are, don't worry about it). Anything else must be removed. Map/plugin designers or those who download a lot of stuff are especially prone to forget that something is in their local folder that shouldn't be for net play. This is a common cause of Out of Sync (OOS) problems and can wreak havoc on a night of otherwise great games! ;)


Do not distribute OoH Passwords, Private Plugins, etc.

All OoH Passwords, Private Plugins, and anything else downloaded from the Private Page are considered CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION and are not to be distributed.


Arrive on time

Be sure to arrive on time for the game. If you're late, you'll just have to sit it out until the game re-opens. :)

Our current regular Game Night is: Saturday · 7:30pm PT USA ·

Members tend to arrive in "bursts": 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm - so don't be surprised if the majority of Members arrive in the later hours.


Additional Player Color Guidelines

There are some simple guidelines regarding Primary and Secondary Player Colors that Guests need to follow - please read R2 in the House Rules first.

In addition, if you Colors are identical or too close to OoH Members' Colors, you will be asked to change them (otherwise it's too confusing for the regular Players).

Basically if there is a problem with your Color, we'll let you know. Be prepared to change your color by backing up your "networking" file (in preferences) and changing your color accordingly.


Rude Behavior Will NOT Be Tolerated

This one should be obvious, but just in case it isn't:

Swearing, pouting, whining, complaining, substituting players (having someone else play in your place), playing outside the spirit of the OoH, or anything else that is deemed by one or more Members to be rude or annoying behavior will not be tolerated. You will be politely escorted out and may or may not be asked to return.

Remember: You are a Guest


hfa! :)

Of course the most important thing is to have fun and play well! :)

Additional House Rules for OoH Members


The OoH Round Table

The Order of H'Pak is self-governed in a Round Table fashion.

Minor decisions are normally voted upon in an informal consensus manner on the spot.
Major Decisions require a more formal parlimentary procedure as outlined below:

Major Decision Definition: A Major Decision includes any decision that would affect the OoH in a major way (e.g. adding/subtracting Members, including non-Members in tournaments, etc.).

Voting Members: All Active Members (Members who have played at least six games in the previous six months in OoH Matches) who are 18 years and older are Voting Members. Voting Members have one vote each and may abstain.

Proposing a Vote on a Major Decision: Any Voting Member can bring up a topic to be voted upon by posting a "sticky" thread whose title begins with "Major Decision - " within Tuncer's Tavern in the Private OoH Member Forums (ask Baak or Vinylrake if you need help doing this). The poster must describe the proposed vote succinctly beginning with: "I move _____" (for example, "I move that all OoH Members should wear pointy hats during OoH Matches"). In addition, an email notification must be sent to all Voting Members to notify them of the proposed vote.

Seconding the Proposed Vote on a Major Decision: Before an actual vote can take place, one other Voting Member must "second" the proposed vote. This is done simply by replying to the initial proposed vote with language that includes "I second the motion _____" (for example, "I second the motion that all OoH Members should wear pointy hats during OoH Matches"). Only one Voting Member is required to second a proposed vote, and once done no further seconding is necessary. If no one seconds the proposed vote within five days, it is considered dead but can be re-proposed at a later date. Once seconded, a proposed vote is officially open to be voted upon.

Voting Location: As described above, voting on Major Decisions may only take place within Tuncer's Tavern in the Private OoH Member Forums unless the forums are unavailable, in which case email will be used for all procedures with due notice to all Voting Members.

Voting Period: Voting on Major Decisions should take place for a minimum of five days before a decision is reached. The time period begins with the seconding of the proposed vote. The minimum of five days can be extended by the person proposing the vote.

Automatic Abstention: If a Voting Member does not actively vote or abstain during the Voting Period, their vote will automatically be deemed an abstention.

Consensus: For a Major Decision to take effect, a consensus must be reached among all Voting Members who did not voluntarily or automatically abstain, and a minimum of at least 50% of the total number of Voting Members (rounded down) must not have abstained. For example, a Major Decision is Proposed and Seconded - if there are 13 Voting Members at that time, all non-abstaining Voting Members must reach a consensus and a minimum of 6 Voting Members (50% of the total rounded down) cannot have abstained during the vote for the Major Decision to pass.

Active Founding Member Veto: In addition to the above, Active OoH Founding Members - currently: Baak, TS, and NKI - have Veto power over any Major Decision. Once vetoed the proposed vote is considered to have never taken place (i.e. it is annulled).


Guidelines for Nominating a Candidate for OoH Membership

Generally, before being nominated as a candidate for OoH Membership, a Player should have played at least 100 Official Games in at least 10 OoH Matches.

An OoH Member must Nominate a Candidate for Membership by proposing a vote on a Major Decision as outlined in The OoH Round Table (see Rule M1 above). A Candidate may be withdrawn from consideration at any time up until the Vote is finalized.

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