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Grab & Defend Bacon (G&D) is similar to other Bacon variants and is based on one we originally played in 2 vs. 1 games: The Player who was "solo" would be given a few minutes to grab the Bacon unhindered, set up somewhere on their side of the map, and defend.

We've since modified the game slightly by making it an alternating Team Game: Two games are played back-to-back on the same Map/Mesh - one team G&D's the Bacon in the first game, the other team G&D's it in the second.


We like to play a "Best of 7" Team Match, with three sets of two G&D Bacon games plus one "tie breaker" that is either regular Steal the Bacon or a completely different game type (decided upon in advance).

For most larger 2-Start Team Maps we've found 16 Minutes Game Time with 3 Minutes for the G&D Team to Grab & Defend (set up) is usually perfect (see detailed rules below).

We've found this variant of Bacon removes the dreaded "Dogpile on the Bacon" at the Center in the opening minute of the game, and keeps a Team Match from tending to be decided by who grabs the Bacon first the most often.

It also allows for much more planning and strategy because the overall attacker/defender is known in advance (where should we set up, how should we defend, how should we attack, etc.). This also affects unit selection.

Yet it still retains the exciting and much-loved aspects of the Bacon game like: the 5-second Contesting of the Ball (unlike the instant win on CTF), "launching" the Ball (always a favorite), intense Sudden Deaths, and all the random things that can happen with a movable prize!

This page is dedicated to the Grab & Defend Bacon variant and will serve to outline the Official Order of H'Pak Grab & Defend Bacon Rules for the benefit of the ~OoH~ Players, as well as the entire Myth Community.

We hope you enjoy playing Grab & Defend Bacon!

Official Order of H'Pak Grab & Defend Bacon Rules

The game is Steal the Bacon, and is ideally played in "two game sets" by playing the same Map/Mesh twice and alternating who is the Defending Team. Flip a coin for who Defends first. Teams can be any size (including one-on-one), and the game can be played on any Map:


"Set Up"

One team is chosen as the Defending Team and gets 3 minutes to Grab the Bacon and Set Up however they like on their "side" of the map (see more below).

During the 3 Minute Set Up the Attacking Team can pus up, divide units, chat, etc., but their movement is restricted depending on the Number of Starting Positions for the Map:

For 2-Start Maps:

Both Teams are allowed to move anywhere on their half of the map during the Set Up:

Straight-on 2-Start Example:
Diagonal 2-Start Example:

For Maps with more than 2 Starts:

This is a little different, since the two Teams can start very close to each other (especially on Maps with 8 or more Starts). To allow the Defending Team to Set Up wherever they like, and because there is no "center line" to make things easier, the following additional rules apply to games with more than 2 Starts:

When the game begins, the Attacking Team "announces" (by Yelling) their location on the Map using "compass directions". This works for up to 8 Start maps. Beyond that, you can use "clock directions" (as if there was a giant clock superimposed on the map), "12 o'clock" being North.

The Defending Team can then head towards an area of the Map where they know the Attacking Team isn't located and set up Scouts and flanking attacks accordingly (they must avoid the Attacking Team's "piece" of the map). Of course the Attacking Team will get a chance to do the same thing when they switch sides the next game - this is why playing sets of two games on the same Map/Mesh where you alternate Attackers and Defenders is so important. Hopefully you can see the possibilities here involving the random location of Teams at the start on Maps with varying terrain!

SPECIAL RULE FOR GAMES WITH A "CENTER" STARTING POSITION: On a map with a "Center" starting position (e.g. a 5-start map), if the Attacking Team starts in the Center (and thus with the Ball), the easiest thing is to simply restart the game. However, if everyone agrees to "play on" (perhaps everyone likes the teams as they are, etc.), then the Defending Team must announce their position and the Attacking Team must move away from the Defending Team's starting position in the opposite direction - while leaving the Ball behind - thus allowing the Defending Team to grab the Ball without incident. The Attacking Team must stay in the position on the map opposite the Defending Team's starting position as per the following:

IMPORTANT: During Set Up on Maps with more than 2 Starts the Attacking Team is not allowed to move beyond what is required to generate Pus Ghols, divide troops, and gather items (such as Flame Arrows or Pus) in the immediate area. In other words, stay put in your starting area - you're not allowed to move to the "edge" of your starting wedge (this is to avoid combat if the Defending Team moves near the Attacking Team's area of the map) - you can mingle but don't wander:

Straight-on 4-Start Example:
Diagonal 4-Start Example:

No Combat During Set Up:

Regardless of the number of Starts on the Map, neither Team is allowed to engage in combat with the other Team during Set Up.

This means that if moving towards a Team might start a fight (such as auto-attacks by Archers), then you must not move towards them. This is true for either Team at any time during Set Up. The Team who arrives first must be avoided.

If one Team does instigate a fight, then the other Team has the option of declaring the game Dead and restarting the game. If the Defending Team instigates the fight, the Attacking Team has the option of declaring the Set Up time terminated by Yelling "Foul", which means they can now attack (see "Game On" below). Disputes can be resolved via a film of the game.

Assuming everyone is playing honorably, this will almost always be avoided.


"Game On!"

The Attacking Team must announce when the 3 Minute Set Up has expired by Yelling:

Game On!

From this point on the game is Steal the Bacon.

This means that anything goes and if the Defending Team fumbled the Ball or isn't set up completely - oh well! ;) - this is part of the fun and challenge of G&D: you must be organized as a Team to Grab the Bacon and set up your defense within 3 Minutes!

And if the Attacking Team forgets to announce the Set Up has expired, the Defending Team gets that much more time to set up! So don't forget! :)


Playing with more than 2 Teams

Of course you can play with more than 2 Teams! :)

Just play the same number of games on the same Map/Mesh as you have teams, letting each Team be the Defending Team once.

Since you're starting on more than 2 Starts, the "more than 2 Starts" rules apply and each Attacking Team must announce their location at the start of the game. The Defending Team can then move in any area during Set Up that does not belong to an Attacking Team.

At least one Attacking Team must announce "Game On!" to indicate the Set Up has expired.



We play with a 3 Minute Set Up. Feel free to change the time to an agreed on amount if desired, but 3 minutes seems to be just about right. Try it a few times first. :)

So far we've discovered that a 16 Minute total game time is good for 2 Start Maps. This allows for 13 Minutes of Steal the Bacon after the 3 Minute Set Up. This is a guideline, but it seems that 14 to 18 Minutes is a good range for small to huge Maps when playing G&D Bacon.

As mentioned in the "History", we like to play a "Best of 7" Team Match with three sets of two games (each set played on the same Map/Mesh), and then a final tie-breaker game (if reached) that is either standard Steal the Bacon or a completely different game type.

We hope you enjoy Grab & Defend Bacon! Feel free to drop Baak an e-mail (baak at orderofhpak.com to foil the SpamBots) with your experiences, films (he is a film buff you know), and any ideas or suggestions! :)

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