Baak's Sak Cannon Strategy 101
(grab the Sak Cannon plugin here)

  1. Keep your Cannons out of the water whenever possible - they become at least five times as slow in water!!! This means you must keep track of Cannons you send across the map so they don't move through the "edge" of rivers and/or lakes. They also tend to bunch! Bad news!

  2. In general, spread your Cannons out (i.e. don't "bunch" them), but keep them in pairs or threes to take advantage of simultaneous Cannon attacks - which can be devastating. Just be conscious of bunching such that one enemy Cannon can't take out two or more of your Cannons with one shot.

  3. Be sure the area in front of your Cannons are free of units (friendly and enemy), as well as high terrain such as trees and buildings. Hitting anything too close has the same wonderful effect as for Warlocks... But you can use NKI's Trick and blow up those enemy Zerks bunched around your Cannon by firing at the ground some distance away! BOOOOM!!! :)

  4. Have some guards for your Cannons, especially Bowmen and/or Soulless, and really watch out for a Trow and/or Myrk attack on Cannons. Flip side: send Trow and/or Myrk (groups of 3 or 4) behind enemy Cannons to sneak in and take them out! All other melee units should not try to attack multiple Cannons from the front - this is a very bad idea - one Cannon shot can take out many melee units and/or critically wound the rest, and the enemy Cannon is bound to get one good shot off...

  5. Cannons can target the ground (Ctrl-attack) to sometimes get a little extra distance by taking advantage of the randomness around the target area. If you can't see/reach the target, then Ctrl-click as far as possible and hope that the randomness gives you a little extra range. Note: Ctrl-clicking does not instigate an Auto Attack for the next time the Cannon can fire!

  6. If you do get into a Cannon vs. Cannon back-and-forth battle, then target a "center" Cannon if possible, so that the randomness tends to work in your favor and hit closest to the entire group of enemy Cannons.

  7. Also, if you are in a Cannon vs. Cannon encounter, then by all means click the enemy as targets from all your Cannons so that your Cannons Auto Attack the enemy as soon as possible each time.

  8. If an enemy Cannon is "in the red", then shoot that sucker with anything including Bowmen and Soulless, or send something small to kill it!

  9. Ghôl pus attacks seem to be fairly ineffective against Cannons - save them for attacking Bowmen, Dorfs, and melee units.

  10. Sneak attacks from the back are the best non-Cannon Cannon attack!

  11. Whatever you do (unless you do it to the enemy): DON'T HEAL CANNONS!!! They die instantly!

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