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H'Pak Hall of Fame

Baak's Steal

September 1, 2000 · Kaor, Baak, NKI, TS · Venice · Steal the Bacon · Film

Baak's Steal

The game that started the whole snapshot craze (which led to the Game of the Week).

Back in the day when Baak was Blue and Red (which is why the Bacon just turned Blue), Baak's last unit - a Lone Journeyman - sneaks in to Steal the Bacon by tagging it with ten seconds left on the clock, then perishes in Kaor's Warlock Fireball.

Baak watches in glee as no one else tags the ball! he wins with no units remaining! Muhahahahahaaaaaa!

NKI's Revenge

October 29, 2000 · Kaor, Baak, NKI · The Sun's Anvil · Last Man on the Hill · Archived Map · Film

NKI's Revenge

OMG this is such a classic hammering by NKI!

Baak is being cocky at the start of this game, and with two minutes remaining parks his entire army on the center hill. No one yet understands the concept of Dwarf Mortar shells on the field... ;)

Meanwhile, NKI is reduced to a single Mortar Dwarf by Kaor, but this Dwarf is the Dwarf from Hell for Baak!

This single Dwarf (aka Satan's Spawn) quickly humbles Baak - and I mean HUMBLES - first by blowing up half his army at the center hill, and then by picking off a huge string of single attackers one by one! lol! It is SO in your face!! Then Kaor comes in and wipes out the leftovers! Check out Kaor's Warlock shots against Baak - Thrall heads are flying across the map with the help of those remaining mortar shells laying right at the Thrall's feet!

Hat's off to both NKI and Kaor on this one!

Note: I "sanitized" this film - we were swearing up a storm originally! I also removed the erroneous Dorfball Tagset from the film

Kaor's Wight Surprise

December 17, 2000 · TS/NKI vs Baak/Kaor Creep on the Borderlands Steal the Bacon Film

Kaor's Wight Surprise

Oh man!! - Everybody dreams of a Wight like this!!

Baak & Kaor have just grabbed the Bacon and are still setting up for a defensive stance at one end of the map. TS & NKI are in hot pursuit - only maybe too hot, as they don't seem to notice a Kaor Wight sauntering amidst their Dwarves!

(Kaor's Wight is red in this one because Baak is Captain - but this is all Kaor! ... Baak was just watching and holding his breath!)

The funny thing is these Dwarves must have been on auto-pilot or something - the Dwarves start to congregate around Kaor's Wight rather than running! Even Dwarf #5 (the top one in the picture) moves out from behind a J-Man to get a little closer! lol!

This just makes Kaor's timing that much sweeter... :)

TS' Tag This!

December 17, 2000 · TS, Baak, NKI Krakatoa Steal the Bacon Film

TS' Tag This!

The sweetest Bacon Launch!!

TS grabs the Bacon and appears to be waiting for NKI and Baak to show up. Then suddenly he decides to try launching the Bacon with his Fetch... This had just happened a couple of times in the previous game - but never like this - A PERFECT SHOT!!

Just look at the placement of this baby!

A guaranteed win, even if TS died (unless only one player remained, which we didn't know at the time) with 8 minutes remaining... VERY NICELY DONE! I KEEL U!!

NKI's Deathmatch Hell

March 26, 2001 · NKI, Baak, TS, Morginie Killing Grounds Last Man on the Hill Film

NKI's Deathmatch Hell

Pure Bliss!! - for TS and Baak that is! ;)

This was one of our first attempts at playing Deathmatch. We quickly learned that killing an enemy's Wight in their starting area could be A LOT OF FUN! The moment TS and Baak caught on to this, NKI was in BIG TROUBLE!! You can see it happen.

(The funny thing is the game was Last Man on the Hill, but TS and Baak didn't care - they were having way too much fun!!)

To the best of my ability, I've counted 33 times that NKI's Wight dies! Through healing, being shot, attacked hand-to-hand, dorfed and finally through multiple suicides in a vain attempt to gain some kind of control of the situation! lol! Be sure to catch the MASSIVE chain-reaction explosion with 0:49 left in the game (shown here) - it's a group of TS' Dorfs!

Thanks for a great film, NKI. We love you, man. Well worth the download. :)